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Prosperity Game, or how much time am I really feeling what I want to live?

Yesterday, having heard in The exhilaration of alignment something about the Law of Attraction and it bringing to me what I am a match to (like, so many times I heard it, but this time I really heard it), I thought: but how much time of my day, really, am I a match to what I want to live? Not a lot..

So I played a little imagining what I’d like to be, do, have, and today old emails brought to me this wonderful excerpt from Elyse Hope Killoran’s Prosperity Game introduction:

“Have you logged in to play the Prosperity Game today?


Message from Elyse:

You need not limit your purchases to things. You can receive great joy
from investing in experiences as well!


Travel, theater, buying art, creating a museum…

Swim with dolphins, hike the Appalachian trail, parasail…

Personal growth:
Invest in books, tapes, seminars, personal coaching, weekend

Classes in cooking, language, parenting, investing…

Physical development:
Join a gym, study yoga, hire a golf pro, study martial arts…

Time savings:
Mother’s helper, cleaning service, riding mower, bill paying

Professional advice:
Interior designer, financial planner, career counselor,

Family and friends:
Reunion weekends, cruise with friends, vacation time share…

Self Pampering:
Spa, massage, aromatherapy, weekly flower delivery…”

So I was re-inspired to play it again. :) Went there, resubscribed, and now I’m spending my first $100 there. It’s fun and really, such wonderful feelings!

the pleasure of once have been doing things to FIX, and now returning to them, feeling the difference in everyday feeling, and doing them for FEELING. what a great difference..

have a great day! :))

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