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5. Focus delight (habits, loving self)

Step 1

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the habit I worked on here, was that when feeling low, instead of doing the energy exercises I take some fiction book and read it days and nights.. all the while feeling guilty about it.

But I also read these days a discussion by people who’ve been smoking and feel torn between the habit, the pleasure and the wanting to quit. I felt how much it is a conflict for them, and I felt how nice it would be, if they could become comfortable. If they could be in that sweet place of agreeing with themselves, no matter what activity they choose.

I think it is a certain level of vibration and knowledge, that causes people to choose these activities to get some relief. I think to blame them for that or cause them to blame themselves, can only make things worse.

And so in this focus delight I’m bringing some thoughts that could resolve it for them, too.

Stepping stones — something in that direction, too.

Step 2

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Step 3

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interesting.. the better I think about the situation/the habit, the better I feel…. so is it true that we can benefit from anything?..

Step 4

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Step 5

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Dear Source.. :) I wish I knew what’s on your mind.. :)

Step 6

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Step 7

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Step 8

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Step 9

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Step 10

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“The premise that so many people come from is that good isn’t natural;
good must be demanded or manipulated or orchestrated.
And we say, good IS natural! It must be asked for, and it must be expected —
but Good is the only Stream that flows.” — AH

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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