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38. “Progressive jpeg” (creating from general to details)

Actually, it’s not creating, it’s more allowing, letting it reveal itself, letting in. But from the physical side it looks like we’re creating .. what we’re working on (playing with): a chapter in a book, the book itself, a blog post, a computer program, – anything where we want the details to write it out, to meet it physically, to implement it.

I came to it because I was writing a book chapter, which felt like too big for me. Vibrationally too big: I felt like what I wanted to say there, was too big for me to capture it in understandable words.

So of course, first I worked on dissolving resistance, smoothing out that “bigness.” And then I felt I wanted the details! I was frustrated that I couldn’t find the words, that they wouldn’t just flow to me.

And then this image came to me (pun intended :)), of progressive jpeg, it’s an image format, which is loaded on web pages in a certain way: instead of showing the image a line at a time, from top to bottom, with all the sharp details immediately, it shows first the whole image in very low quality, very general, and then it becomes sharper and sharper, until the whole image shows up with high detailed quality.

Meaning, it could show the top 10% piece of the image, sharp and detailed, then 10% more, etc., and instead of it it shows the whole 100% very general, then makes it more and more detailed.

I thought, I could well apply it to creating (letting in) vibrationally, too.

One very successful businessman once said (and I loved it), that he had a rule: when he set goals to himself, the farther the goal manifesting was from him, the more generally he would define it. Sounds contradicting to some guru teachings, where they say we should visualize it all in details, right? But actually, from AH point of view it should be more correct, since when the goal feels like of a far reach to us, – if we state some details, we “activate the resistant end of the stick.”

It felt very true to me now: when I tried to come up with some chapter details, I felt bad, it felt like.. it wasn’t ready yet. The feeling was like I was trying to pull a plant from the soil, so that it would grow faster. And then the whole issue started to feel bad to me.

Then I realized, that my goal, my task was not to write it physically (while it would be nice and surely highly desired!), – my task was to align in this stream, meaning feel good when I’m thinking about it. Then the details would also come, and it would bloom from the inside out. The secret is to grow it this way :)

So remembering AH’s “go general”, I thought of the following process: to find statements about the chapter, as general as it feels good, and then find some detalization, at the same time making sure I’m still feeling good.

It actually reminded me of the writers’ process of outlining, just that in my chapter the outlining still felt like too detailed to feel good. So I started with finding the general enough statement that would feel good to me:

Step 1: Finding the First General Thought

I'm giving it a separate area in order to be able to do some free writing on this subject and find a general thought on the subject that would really feel good. Here's an example I wrote for my book chapter, it took some feeling around:
This chapter feels good to me.
This chapter exists.
There is a stream of this chapter.
The idea of this chapter sounds interesting to me, and valuable.
Since there is a chapter idea, there is a stream, that I can be aligned in and feel good!
I can benefit from this stream.
I want to feel good in this stream, too. <- feels the best of all
Okay, your turn :)  if you're willing to play to come to delicious details on your desire, find your best option to start from:

Step 2: Thoughts Flow

Here we'll go from the general thought we chose to start with, to the next thoughts - maybe of the same general level, or maybe more detailed, but keeping eye on how we feel, in order to stay in a feeling good place. We'll better find another general thought that feels good, than more detailed that brings tension. Patience :) and enjoying. "Enjoying what is and being eager for more." :)

There's an area below for ideas: if they come while we're looking for the next thoughts, we can drop them there.

 The first, general, thought:


 How it feels: Pay attention to the posture of this
 thought, to how it breathes in you, how
 it smiles, how it inspires you
 Next general thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought, general or a bit more
 How it feels (still good?):
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
 Next thought:  How it feels:
For ideas:

After I uploaded the process, I remembered the “caribbean” approach I so enjoyed in one AH workshop, as it puts an accent on okayness of being where we are as a starting place for the journey.

But when I went to get the video, it turned to be containing much more details just on the process above. How … natural :)

(“Abraham-Hicks – Getting Unstuck + Imagination”: video)

Here’s that “caribbean” talk:

(“Abraham-Hicks – Deliberately + Being obsessed with what is (“Caribean”) :)”: video)

I also got reminded of this video, exactly to my efforts to find the details, instead of letting them come:

(“Abraham-Hicks – Being Determined to Make it Happen vs. Letting It Happen”: video)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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