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47. Money meditation, lightened up

Have you heard about Klaus Joehle’s “Money is Love” book?

Once I started to listen to those money meditations (can be downloaded there on the book page), I discovered, that even the thoughts and feelings Klaus offered, were beautiful, I sometimes felt bad while listening to them: just as AH said, it “activated the low end of the stick,” and all kinds of not-aligned pre-aligned thoughts were rising up, my mind was wandering.

Then I heard of the brainwave entrainment technology (how it works 1, how it works 2, a personal story – very similar to mine, even though I haven’t been using drugs etc., but as far as I remember myself, I was always more or less in that fearful, anxious, uncomfortable state, and the brainwave technology helped me to get out of it) – I think by dr. Mercola’s recommendation, I started with Holosync, and then discovered LifeFlow, the one I’ve been using since then.

In short, it has the ability to put me into an alpha brainwave state, in which there is no criticism (well, almost :)) (I heard that children under age of 8 are in this brainwave state all the time, that is why all that they hear from other people, they take as it is, without doubting, as an absolute truth) – it’s that state we experience just before we go asleep, that’s when the ideas come “out of nowhere,” when we’re calm, that’t where the learning is the easiest, etc.

So I tried to play them together, and I got wonderful results: the listening to those meditations by Klaus Joehle became just sheer pleasure. I was so enjoying them! That’s how my book came to light: from the ideas and the Vortexness I came to in the process. Of course, I did a lot of thinking, vibrational work etc., but these processes were of such help, that I probably could say, they were the main reason that book came realized (is it the egg or the chicken that is the first? :)).

And today I got inspired to add it in such a way for you to listen: just play them together, and enjoy. :)

Klaus Joehle, “Experiencing the feeling of having the $3.6 million”:


(you can download the money meditations here)

and LifeFlow:

(you can download it here)

The beauty of LifeFlow is that you may listen to it not only in the headphones (as it is with most brainwave entrainment technologies), but also from (stereo) speakers: then it influences the whole body, too. I love it :)

Enjoy! :)

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