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A new book for you, an orgasmic one :)

Olgasmic, the book

If you provide your answer, on how to turn thoughts into orgasmic ones, that would be wonderful!

It’s a title of my new book, just released:

“How to Turn
Any Rising Thought
Into an Orgasmic One:

How to Let a Rising Thought Be More Effective, Efficient,
Nurturing You With Pleasure”

Here’s the book description:

So you found a better feeling thought… What’s next?
Wouldn’t it be nice to milk it for more?
Wouldn’t it be flowing, from one good feeling thought to get to fly in beautiful alignment?
Wouldn’t it be sweet, to align easily, happily, in a delicious flow?
Wouldn’t it be benefiting you, to come to a higher frequency, while you’re enjoying the process?
Wouldn’t it be fun, to be aligning simply (but interestingly)?
The book will tell you how to do it, evoking in you some profound thinking, recognizing, realizing. Thoughts that will feel even better, and a vibration that is much higher, and a happiness ocean, flowing in you (or you basking in it).

See you in the book! :)

And what are your discoveries in working with your thoughts?


Also by Abraham-Hicks, I’m using it a lot:


I’m getting relief when setting there my intentions for the day and for my life. It’s also perfect like a Placemat process: assigning “this is for me to do, and the rest – for the Universe!!” :) Like Abraham says, setting segment intentions makes my day much more deliberately controlled, set in the direction I choose. And it also teaches me – little by little, every day.

“Serendipitously rich”

I just bought this book:


it’s such a delicious reading!

I downloaded from Amazon.com their Kindle for PC, and now I can stop waiting for the books to come: I can buy them and read immediately, and also it’s almost one-third in price, because I don’t need to pay for the delivery.

I think I will sometimes still buy the hardcover versions, but it’s so good to have an alternative. :)