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My life and the story structure

On “Writing Your Life Story” event Bashar recommended that we study story structure, in order to write our life story in such a way, that it would be believable to us, as it would match a certain archetype, “Hero’s Journey”, that we have embedded very deeply.

So starting to look at the story structure points, I’m starting to understand, what he meant. Indeed, looking at my life like this opens a lot of new doors for me, as now I can see it in a more empowered way.

Victor Frankl said, that a person can survive any challenge, if they know, what purpose it has, what goal it serves. If they know, that there’s some sense to it, some point to it.

I think, that’s the first thing that the story structure opens for me.

Here’re two I just found, very interesting:

“One good model for story structure (taught to me by Bruce Holland Rogers) is Algis Budrys’s seven point story structure. It has:

a character,
in a situation,
with a problem,
who tries repeatedly to solve his problem,
but repeatedly fails, (usually making the problem worse),
then, at the climax of the story, makes a final attempt (which might either succeed or fail, depending on the kind of story it is), after which
the result is “validated” in a way that makes it clear that what we saw was, in fact, the final result.

Another good one (taught to me by Steven Barnes) is Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey:

The hero is confronted with a challenge,
rejects it,
but then is forced (or allowed) to accept it.
He travels on the road of trials,
gathering powers and allies, and
confronts evil—only to be defeated.
This leads to a dark night of the soul, after which
the hero makes a leap of faith that allows him to
confront evil again and be victorious.
Finally, the student becomes the teacher.”

“For example, lots of stories can be thought of as the first few steps on the Hero’s Journey: a challenge, a rejection of the challenge, and then an acceptance of the challenge. The acceptance of the challenge is the climax of the story. The “validation” segment of the story should imply the rest of the Hero’s Journey. The reader should end the story knowing that there will be a road of trials, that evil will be confronted, and so on.

Lots of other stories can be thought of as just the dark night of the soul and the leap of faith. The early steps along the hero’s journey can be filled in with flashbacks or simply implied by the circumstances of the characters as the story begins. However it happens, the reader needs to learn that the hero accepted the challenge, confronted evil, and was defeated. The story ends with the reader knowing that the hero will face evil again and this time be victorious.”

“Geoffrey A. Landis had a pretty good description of the essential core of a short story. A story needs to:

Require the character to make a choice,
show that choice by actions, and
those actions must have consequences.

That’s bare-bones enough that you really can’t leave any of those elements out. It isn’t good enough for the character to make a choice that isn’t required by the story. It isn’t good enough to have the character make a choice that is entirely in his head with no resulting actions. It isn’t good enough for the character to make a choice where the result is that everything is the same as it would have been anyway.”

Philip Brewer, Story Structure in Short Stories

How interesting! It’s like, I’m reading about my life. Starting to understand it better. Seeing it more as exciting, intriguing, interesting, worth to live, valuable, having sense.

Or this:

“Classic story structure begins with plot; plot is WHAT HAPPENS.”

“A theme — your message or meaning — is revealed through plot.”

“plots that work:


“Development usually accounts for 70 to 80 percent of the mass of the story.” (and you’re waiting for the manifestation, like me? :))

“But you must offer your readers a definite resolution to the story’s Conflict.”

“When the Conflict of a story has been resolved, what’s left? The Consequences of that story. How have your protagonist and his world changed — or stubbornly refused to change — as a result of the story? The French call this part of the story the ‘denouement’ or ‘unraveling.’ At the end of Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol,’ Scrooge shows us that he’s changed. How? By climbing out of bed, throwing open his window and asking an urchin on the street below what day it is. When he learns that it’s Christmas, Scrooge instructs the boy to buy the biggest turkey in the butcher’s window for Tiny Tim’s family. When the boy returns, Scrooge pays him, laughing while he hands the money over. That’s right — Scrooge laughs while paying for something! He has changed! It’s a textbook denouement.”

“But if it doesn’t have Conflict, Development, and Climax, it isn’t a story. If you don’t believe that, just try to tell a satisfying anecdote that lacks these components. Or tell a joke that lacks classic story structure, and see if anyone laughs.”

“Of course, you aren’t required to use this structure in telling stories. But if you do, however, your stories, novellas and novels will work. That is, when people are done reading one of your pieces of fiction, they will feel as if they’ve been told a story. Not a ‘character sketch,’ but a real story.”

Adam Sexton, Classic Story Structure Begins with Plot

“Once upon a time, there was a thirsty man on a couch. He got up off the couch, went to his kitchen, searched through his refrigerator, found a soda, drank it, and returned to his couch, thirst quenched.

That was “perfect story structure.” On the other hand, the story sucked.

Here’s a converse example:

Once upon a time, a car exploded. A Navy Seal killed a werewolf. Two beautiful naked women had sex with each other, then a robot shot the moon with a Jesus-powered laser. The world became overpopulated by zombies. The End.

Lot of exciting, creative stuff happening, but very little structure. Again, boo, but the lesbian scene did give me a boner.

What do you want? You want both. You want to be cool, but you’re going to be cooler if the structure is there. Cool stuff with no structure is like that perfect scene you recorded when you left the lens cap on. “Guess you had to be there.” Show me an army of zombies and I might say “cool zombies,” but I’m not going to “be there.” “

That’s exactly what Bashar was saying: when we’re trying to rewrite the scenario of our life, but do not do it with the story structure, we’re “not there”.

Then I started thinking, but if I’m expecting that I get something through troubles, okay, “journey”, then it will surely come through troubles, won’t it?.. And maybe I could expect it easier?

Then I found, that I can say, that I’m already on a stage, where the development is close to its end, all the “bad stuff” is already in the past, and now I can expect good things. This matches the way AH tell it, by the way: that step one is actually behind me (as is step 2), and now I can just align with my Vortex and get the good stuff. That made me feel good. :)

“And what are those steps? Class?

1) You
2) Need
3) Go
4) Search
5) Find
6) Take
7) Return
8) Change”


What an interesting thing life is.. Thank you, Bashar, for showing me this angle. :)

A revelation

I just connected the dots.. or the dots were connected in me and for me. :)

1. From yesterday’s post: “because in most cases the basic concept of mentoring says:
“I know something, that would be good for you,
that you haven’t figured out,
so you’re flawed in this way.””

2. From AH LIVE Dec 10, when we deem something as wrong, even if we don’t do that (!), it is detrimental to us, this resistance. (In the LIVE they spoke about vaccinations, and AH said this: if you deem them wrong, no matter if you do them or not, it’s still detrimental to you!).

3. All the comparisons I got these days:
“when you feel jealous, you diminish yourself” ~ AH
“when you don’t respect your choices, you don’t respect yourself” ~ Bashar

4. My all-the-time feeling, that something is not quite home, when I’m thinking of my coaching clients (or any people that don’t know anything about energies) as operating .. like blind kitties, they don’t know where they move, what they do, how to go for what they want, they come to funny conclusions, trying blindly to find their way to what they want.. without a map, without seeing clearly. I feel such a shame now, when I realize this.. I want to apologize to my clients and all the people I perceived this way.

But I’ve always been thinking, “but it’s true! How can I see it any other way? They do lack this knowledge!” (Again this trap of “truth” instead of “what is it that I do want?”, even though then it became “I want them to know it! I want them to operate with open eyes!”.. Now I see, it could be “what I do want, is to feel good when looking at them, interacting with them, thinking about them, speaking to them. What would it be, that would give me this feeling good?” Probably the first thought, the relief, would be “Maybe it’s not THAT bad, that they don’t know?..”)

And now I realized:

1. Whatever I’m doing, MY deeming it wrong, that they don’t know, is detrimental and diminishing to me. I’m suppressing, judging, not letting live fully, something in ME, when I’m judging it as wrong in them, in their life.

2. I can see it as a bigger picture: that ultimately it was their choice to live these challenges in this way. And that ultimately everyone is fine, and in this moment they’re living what they intended to live. I can offer them my understanding of the situation, if they wish to hear it, but it’s not wrong, where they are, and it won’t be better when they know what I tell them. There’s no hierarchy. There’s just life.

How freeing. :)

P.S. The video the 2nd paragraph reminded me of:

(“Bashar – Ultimately Everyone is Just Fine”: video)

By the way:

“it’s how you use it.
And that’s why we simply say, circumstances don’t matter – not to discount them,
but to let you know it’s what meaning you decide to give them,
that determines, what effect you can extract from them.” ~ Bashar

“That’s all there is to that idea of centering”

The best version of describing this formula:

(“Bashar – Mantra”: video)

Doing what you prefer NO MATTER WHAT

..just because it’s the life you would prefer. Amazing video:

(“to Make your Dreams Come True, Bashar”: video)

Delicious pieces from Bashar’s “The “I” of the Storm”

* Q. I freaked out.
A. Well, perhaps it would be better if you have freaked in, going inward.

* excitement is an overall organizing principle. Overwhelment comes only from resistance from takin on your natural expansion.

* Q. Sometimes it seems too complicated.
A. I know. But that’s what makes it most exciting for you. You like that degree of challenge. You can change that, if you wish to. But understand, that’s why you created these challenges.

* Do you see the version of yourself that exists in the parallel reality you say you shift to?
How does that version of you behave differently, than you are? Observe, how she is behaving, and mirror her. And you will be able to shift to that vibration.

[O.F. By the way, when I was thinking about it, I noticed, that when I’m thinking “what it is in the Vortex”, it is somehow harder for me to connect to it, because I perceive it as of hierarchy, as it is “better” than where I now am, and so it is “higher”, and I, like, cannot quite connect to it, take from it something. And here, when it is about the parallel realities, I suddenly find that I can quite easily connect to that version of me in the reality I prefer to live.]

* the best protection is in not needing any.

* it’s not that you’re learning to shift, you’re just becoming conscious that you always have been shifting, thus you can direct it consciously in the way you wish.

* when you arrive at a place that seems like a dead end, very often it’s simply an arrow, pointing in an unexpected direction.

* if you’re experiencing something that feels like 80% of your excitement, it’s not the idea of your excitement! that’s a whole different idea all together.

* when you stay in the vibration that IS representative of your wholistic excitement, even when not all the components are represented by that moment, by staying in that vibration you will receive the understanding, the inspiration and the knowledge, that will let you know the difference.

* you will come out of it a different person. You’re not there yet, but you will be.

* heaven is right here. Hell is right here, too, if you want it to be.

* when we’re speaking of excitement, it doesn’t mean only jumping up and down. Excitement can be also expressed as a state of balance, rest and peace. (I love it!) Perhaps, it would simply be more appropriately labeled your signature vibration, whatever way it wishes to express itself.

* anytime something like that seems not to be working for you, it’s a good indicator you’re using someone else’s definition, instead of the one you would prefer to invent. (simply brilliant!) :)

* Q. sometimes I have resistance to my excitement.
A. why?
Q. I don’t know..
A. yes, you do. You’re simply also resisting knowing that you know. You can amplify in your imagination, asking yourself, what the worst case that would happen, if I went forward and act on my excitement. By acknowledging it that way, you can paint a more clear picture of what it might actually be.

* Q. so how do we make that bridge?
A. by allowing yourself to express the idea that only by allowing yourself to be your true self by acting on our highest excitement and joy, which is your signature vibration, will you allow for the smoothing out to occur that will allow you to encounter anything you need to encounter, without resistance and without fear. (that was there for me :))

* Q. so how do we change those people?
A. it’s not about changing those people, it’s only about changing yourself and shifting to a reality, where versions of those people already exist in a way, that’s more reflective of the vibration you prefer. (I love the wording of it!) It’s never about the way for you to change someone else, because there is no way for you to do that.

(how not to remember Bashar’s “it’s not about power, it’s about clarity.”)

* Live your life story as fully as you can,
for it adds to All That Is in immeasurable and beautiful ways.

The CD & DVD are here: http://bashar.org/store.html#hurricane

This may soothe you

if you have some challenging times.

(“Bashar – You Chose To Be On Earth”: video)

Bashar on unity, uniqueness and support

“..So that you can thus then be self-empowered individuals,
and thus by being fully self-empowered individuals
work harmoniously together
with other self-empowered individuals.

Because when everyone is truly
the fullest individual they can be,
that’s when you get true unity and harmony on your planet.

It is not the idea of becoming homogeneous
that creates unity,
it is the idea of truly being the unique individual
you were created to be.

Thus then by being that individual fully,
you contain the vibratory frequencies,
you contain the inspirations,
you contain the imaginings necessary
to allow you to see, how it is,
that your place fits,
that your piece fits automatically
with every other piece also being their true selves.

Just like all the puzzle pieces in the big picture,
are made to fit together to make the big picture.

If you try to be a shape you’re not,
you won’t fit.
But if you’re the shape you’re created to be,
you fit with all the other pieces beautifully
and create the big picture that supports all of you.
” ~ Bashar, in 11.11.11 event

Trusting your life

Connecting the dots:

“So really what we’re asking you to do, and it’s an annoying word, but it has such powerful resonance at the very core of your being, is to trust the process. To trust your Inner Being. To trust that where you are is fine. To acknowledge there is no wrong doing on your part. That there’s no misunderstanding or no misapplication of a process. There is no recovery from something that is amiss. There’s just you, in this moment, harmonizing with the resonating blending with the Energy of Who You Are. Softly acknowledging that it’s a big capacity. And in acknowledging that big capacity of this Energy, being pleased with where you are touching it and what it is achieving.

Here’s a way you could look at it that would be very pleasing to us: Standing, like your Inner Being, in your Vortex, utterly knowing the Well Being of you and knowing it so powerfully and you being so close in the vicinity of it that you can’t not know it. In other words, we know it so much that you just got to know it. And if you don’t know it, it’s coz you’re overthinking it. We just want you to know you’re close enough. You’re close enough. In other words, easy does it. Close enough and trust that Source within you. The Source within you, this Vortex, has got you. It’s got your back. It’s got your front. It’s got your past. It’s got your present. It’s got your future. It IS you. In other words, it’s real-time, vibrational. It knows all of the manifestations that are coming. It knows every step along the way. It could lay it all out for you brilliantly. It knows every rendezvous that you’ll have with every single person. It knows where you’ve been. It knows where you’re going. It knows Who You Are. It knows what you want. It knows where you are in relationship to what you want. It know that path of least resistance to get you to where you want to be. It knows all of those things. The Source within you knows all of those things. And because you can’t just hear it all spelled out this red hot minute, you choose to think that you ought to be doing something different than what you’re doing and we want to tell you: what you are doing is enough. It’s enough. It’s all you can do, and it’s enough. It’s all you can do, and it’s enough. Trust the process, it will just keep evolving.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

(“Bashar – How to get there”: video)

one of my favorite Bashar’s clips.. “Everyone goes to heaven.” :)

“If you focus upon something negative it does not necessarily mean that the negative aspect will become ever stronger / ’more negative’. It means the negative aspect will develop towards its own healing / integration: however it is the nature of life that what we perceive to be negative increases towards this point of resolution. This is because to integrate / resolve anything we must first come to understand it, which is achieved through exploring it – through diving into it.

The key point to understand in this is that something becoming worse in the moment can be the best path towards it becoming better in the long term. Through this understanding it is possible to begin to deprogram yourself from the socialized reaction that leads us to go to a place of fear the moment anything seems to be going wrong. Often people ask for a positive change in their life and as soon as it starts unfolding they put the brake on as the face of what is being moved towards initially appears negative. To release this reaction is the process of coming to trust in the unfolding of your own life.” ~ Story Waters

“To control is to be blind to the beauty of unfolding” ~ Story Waters

A very simple, yet VERY powerful tool

Recent AH saying “it’s the emotional manifestation to go for”, goes so well with Bashar’s
“Circumstances don’t matter.
Only my state of being matters.
What state of being do I prefer?”

Two clips for you to refresh the message:

(“Abraham Hicks – Emotion is the Manifestation”: video)

(“Bashar – Circumstances Don’t Matter Only State of Being Matters”: video)

So the tool is very simple yet very, very powerful: to take a walk, and on the walk continuously ask yourself, out loud!:

“Circumstances don’t matter.
Only my state of being matters.
What state of being do I prefer?”

allowing your mind to go to all kind of subjects in your life, let it flow, but continuously ask yourself that question, out loud, and feel the “reboot” happening inside when you reply with the feeling – of the state of being that you prefer.

‘Always abundant’ is an idea, creating its own complete reality

A transcript by Bashar, absolutely amazing. :)
I’m reposting it wherever I can. :)

Q: I’d like to talk a little bit more about the technology of living the dream – this waking dream.
B: Technology! All right.
Q: (Laughing) And I was here a couple of weeks ago when you talked about how you live in ecstasy all the time on your planet, and I … this month, I have not earned any money and I…
B: What have you earned?
Q: Well… I’ve been surfing a lot.
B: All right. What have you earned?
Q: What have I earned?
B: Yes.
Q: I’ve earned… to feel at peace about it.
B: Thank you.
Q: I don’t feel any fear about that.
B: Thank you!
Q: And I want to continue in that mode.
B: Go ahead.
Q: But then I start feeling like… well, I just payed my rent today and…
B: All right.
Q: And now there’s this fear that crops up, it’s like I’m afraid that I can’t sustain surfing and just doing stuff and going through the motions on a daily basis because I’m starting to go into fear about the future, and about not having…
B: What future?
Q: Ah…
B: Can you show it to me?
Q: Okay then, using it up in this present and not having…
B: Oh! Do you have what you need right now in the present?
Q: Well…
B: Do you have right now, what you need in the present?
Q: Okay. Yes.
B: Then why should the next present be any different?
Q: Um… oooh!
B: All right.
Q: Ooooh! (Makes funny sounds of realization and everyone laughs)
B: No better reason have I heard! Now, if I may say so again, understand that what you are exploring is, in and of itself, its own separate idea. You do not create partial realities. Do you follow me?
Q: No.
B: You create whole realities.
Q: Whole realities.
B: You do not create partial realities. One reality is not a lesser part of another greater reality.
Q: I don’t really understand.
B: All right. In other words, the idea, in and of itself that you do not ever need to worry about being abundant is, in and of itself, its own idea. The idea of not worrying about ever being abundant – except now and then – is not the same reality. It is its own reality. It carries its own patterns, its own timing, its own unfoldment. It has nothing to do with the reality of always being abundant. Always being abundant – except every now and then – is its own idea. It is not a half way manifestation of the idea of always being abundant. It is its own total, complete reality. Do you follow me?
Q: Are you saying that if I… yes, I think you’re saying that if I create the reality that I’m abundant only now and then, then I will live in that reality.
B: Yes. That is its own reality.
Q: So, what I’m saying is that there are negative thought forms in me, if you would call them that, that are still wanting me to live in some kind of reality of less than total abundance.
B: But understand that the idea that you have negative thought forms in you, that wish you to live that way, is also its own idea. Every – now you may certainly take me quite literally! – EVERY IDEA…
Q: Ouch.
B: Oh… (whispers) is a complete idea.
Q: Right.
B: Now, I do not have to underline this many, many, many times, but I will: Complete! Complete. Its own complete reality! Every idea that you consider to be simply a variation of an idea is not a variation in the sense that it still contains the original idea; it is its own complete idea. And therefore you experience it as your own complete reality. The idea that you have these negative thoughts is its own reality, its own idea; and will be created flawlessly, because you are a completely flawless creator.
Q: Well, this morning… see, it wasn’t my idea…
B: Oh, yes it was.
Q: But this morning you see, I espoused what you are saying to a friend. Like, I…
B: That was this morning.
Q: This morning I was…
B: Another idea.
Q: I told her of my abundance and she said, “Well, I hope you have good karma to always be able to be abundant like that, but I think you have to go to work, and slave,” and you know I…
B: All right. But what allowed you to accept that – to change your mind and go along with that reality, instead of the one that you felt?
Q: I didn’t. I felt really strong about my reality.
B: All right.
Q: But I feel like these are little chinks that keep chipping away at…
B: One more time! One more time. Each idea is separate. Each idea that is separate always forms a separate physical reality. If you believe there is a reality in which there are chinks, that is the reality.
Q: So, if someone comes into my sphere that has negativity like that…
B: Understand that you, in creating your positive reality, simply recognize that you are able in that way to share and exchange with any other individual, positive and/or negative, as they greet you. But understand that all you will return in that way is the reality you know yourself to be. What has their belief got to do with you?
Q: Well, that… maybe that’s the purpose of it. I feel their belief penetrating into my…
B: Then that is an idea, which creates your reality. The fact that you feel that they can penetrate and undermine what you believe – what you know to be true about yourself – is the reality you have created. Do you see how very clear and simple it is? Whatever you are experiencing as your physical reality is what you believe about yourself.
Q: So then I can keep reaffirming positive things about myself.
B: There is no need to. Again, the idea that you need to keep reaffirming implies that you do not feel it is stable to begin with. Once is enough. Do you follow me?
Q: Well…
B: If you know, without at shadow of a doubt, what your name is – do you need to walk around all day reminding yourself, because you might forget? Or do you take it for granted that you know your name?
Q: I know my name, but I don’t understand how…
B: But, but, but. “I know this, but…” That is another idea.
Q: How do I get it down to just one idea?
B: It is one idea. Each and every moment that you create time to exist; you are always creating one idea for you to experience – each and every moment.
Q: So, I should keep choosing…
B: Not should… how do you feel?
Q: I can keep choosing to be the positive idea.
B: Yes you can, if you wish.
Q: A positive, pleasant, idea.
B: But understand again, it is not a matter of reaffirming – you simply know that you are a positive idea.
Q: I know. Ah ha.
B: Ah ha. And why not? Can you answer that?
Q: Okay, so now I’ve had the experience of that, I’ll have to reaffirm it for the next time, is that it?
B: There is no reaffirming.
Q: But I don’t experience that!
B: That’s another idea that you have – that you do not experience it.
Q: (Laughing) Okay.
B: Understand that the idea of allowing yourself to continually exist in a state of ecstasy is knowing – knowing – that you do not have to reaffirm it. In other words, believing is seeing. Your reality, what you consider to be your solid reality, is only what you believe it should be.
Q: I can feel in my body when something is right.
B: Yes.
Q: Well, I’ve been feeling…
B: All right. We are leading to the next phase. Go on. I know what is coming.
Q: Yes? (Laughing) Well, I talked about this the last time I was here, and the best example is that for a long time I’ve been feeling that I need a new car. I’ve been really feeling that – I’ve been feeling that abundance and that faith. But I don’t have it… that is not physically the situation.
B: So what?
Q: So what.
B: Yes. So what?
Q: Well, I’d like proof! Of that which I feel to be…
B: Oh, proof! Thank you! There it is! “If I do not get the proof I exactly expect to get, I will not allow myself to know who I am.” Expectation: the most limiting of all limitations.
Q: Ooh, yes! I can tell you I’ve been noticing that.
B: Oh, very good.
Q: I have been very disappointed in myself…
B: You have been creating expectations; therefore you have been creating disappointment. The idea of expectation, in and of itself, creates disappointment.
Q: I’ve noticed that.
B: Very good. Then realize how you are getting proof of the fact that you are creating your reality exactly according to your beliefs.
Q: Ah ha.
B: Understand that the quote/unquote skeptic, that wishes to say, “I told you so,” is getting exactly what they said.
Q: That is a strong part of me – it’s very ingrained.
B: That is also an idea! (AUD: laughter)
Q: Oh! Oh, you are so great!
B: No. You are so great.
Q: Oh, thank you.
B: Thank you. Now, allow me to say simply that the idea you call proof, in thatway, will always simply be what you are willing to believe about yourself. Therefore, if you simply believe, if you simply know – which is even, in a sense, easier than believing – simply know that you have every idea in your reality that exactly needs to be there to allow you to recognize the perfect and perfectly timed unfoldment of your life as you have chosen to live it, then you will allow yourself to live through all the ideas you are now holding back. And then afford yourself the opportunity to see that when you take it for granted that you are always functioning perfectly, that your life physically will reflect it.
Q: Is one of the ideas to unfold all those ideas I will be living?
B: Life itself, living itself, is the unfoldment of all of those ideas.
When you recognize that whatever occurs within your physical life is the unfoldment of those ideas, then you will see them work for you, rather than against you. Because you will be willing to accept whatever occurs as the unfoldment of those ideas, and not something off-track. You cannot be off-track – until you create the idea in your reality, that you are off-track. And then that is what you see. Because that is what you are creating. It is still flawless creation. You are creating the idea you are out of control, and that is what you get. Therefore you are still in control.
Q: I like the way that you are so definite about it.
B: Oh, thank you.
Q: I would like to walk around with that kind of sense of conviction…
B: Go ahead! Go ahead. Do not put a but on the end of this sentence! (AUD: laughter)
Q: I’m not going to put a but at the end. I’m just saying that I would like to walk around with that kind of conviction.
B: All right. Would you do me a favor?
Q: Yes.
B: Are you sure?
Q: I will do you a favor.
B: Thank you.
Q: I am happy to serve you.
B: Oh! Thank you. As we are happy to serve you.
Q: Yes.
B: Now, with the same degree of definiteness that you are willing to serve us, allow yourself to serve All That Is by taking it for granted that as a part of All That Is, you are automatically supported. Do you follow me?
Q: I just realized that you are so much bigger, more powerful, more true…
B: What?
Q: I feel that you…
B: What? What!?
Q: What I feel is that all…
B: Do you realize that in your vernacular, at this moment – if we may be allowed to play around with a word – that you are insulting us? You are telling us that we now can no longer be of service to you – because we are no longer equal. We cannot share anymore – because you view us as so much greater than yourself. You are removing yourself from the sharing of the equality of our vibration.
Q: Hhmm.
B: You are pushing us away, by deifying us. You are removing yourself from our vibration. You are creating us to remove ourselves from yours, because we no longer see eye to eye.
Understand that our service to you is only to reflect that which you already contain. Understand that if you can perceive the idea of that greatness, that power, that assurance, that definiteness within us, it is because you already must contain it – or you would not be able to perceive it. As you say – it takes one to know one.
You cannot perceive that which you do not contain – for you would not recognize it if it were to smack you in the face. Do you follow me?
Q: Yes.
B: It is very simple. That which you perceive – you are. That is why, if you perceive love you become love; and if you perceive hate, you become hate – and support either side. Now, my perception, I do not just mean a simple observation, but the willingness to feel that the ideas you do observe, positive and negative, are something that must impinge themselves upon the reality you know yourself to be – where you feel they have control over you in that way and where you wish to play victim and elevate all nature around you as more powerful than you – you are at the very beginning of what you term to be the creation of your religions and the creations of your government upon your planet.
You are taking the responsibility for your life, for your fears, which you are not willing to face, and giving them to someone else to take care of for you.
You are deifying. Making yourself less than you really know yourself to be. Always do we wish to serve you through unconditional love and sharing. There is no way to share with someone who does not perceive themselves to be equal. This will be true for any idea you call a relationship. Do you follow me?
Q: (Speaking in a whisper) Yes.
B: What?
Q: Yes.
B: No need to cower. I am not scolding you! (AUD: laughter) I am sharing with you. Now, first of all, how do you feel?
Q: (Laughing) Cowering.
B: All right. Then that is your choice. I have now given you an opportunity to feel the reality of cowering before the deity that you have created. (AUD: laughter)
B: How do you like it? Not very pleasant is it?
Q: No! It’s not!
B: Thank you! Then I will thank you not to deify us. Therefore we will not need in that way to reflect your cowering back to you – so that you will feel it so strongly. Feel equal! Be bold! Live and breath the air that you have created. Does it not feel wonderful? Have you not the same right to life as any consciousness within creation!? Yes, no, maybe?
Q: Yes.
B: All right. Period. Yes. Period. Say, “Why not?” … Go ahead.
Q: Why not? I… I’m…
B: Ah, ah, ah. One moment.
Q: I’m wondering why …
B: One moment please. Will you do me another favor?
Q: Yes.
B: All right. Say two words: say, “Why not?”
B: Very good! Now, can you in all honesty – in all honesty – give me a reason, why not? Can you give me a reason why you do not deserve ecstasy — any reason that you really feel is an honest reason. Taking into account the incredible variety and diversity within all of creation. Each experiencing its own path, its own life, its own creations, its own portions of that which it is and knows itself to be as the creator. Can you give me any reason – truly any reason – that if you should ask yourself at any time, “Why?” that you cannot say, “Why not?”
Q: No.
B: Thank you. Then understand that the only – the only! – reason that you create the “Why?” or “How can I?” is by judging yourself to be less than what you are. Which is nothing less than All That Is. How do you feel?
Q: I’m trying to experience myself as All That Is.
B: What? What, what, what?
Q: I AM experiencing myself as All That Is.
B: Thank you. Very good!
Q: It’s awesome!
B: Why?
Q: It’s a lot!
B: So?
Q: It’s great!
B: Thank you. Awesome means you are awed. Again: you are awed by deification of greatness. “Oh, this much be more than me.”
Q: Then I feel equal.
B: Very good. You are no less and no more – no more and no less. No need to feel less than – no need to be more than. You are exactly All That Is. It is that simple. Realize that being All That Is does not mean that you have to be All That Is, pompously. You may simply know that you are that idea, the love of All That Is. Now, let’s get on to living.
Q: All right!
B: Let’s get on to enjoying. If everything really is, “Why not?” then, “WHY NOT create peace and ecstasy? Since that seems to be what I would enjoy the most?”
Q: Yes, I’m sure that is what you do.
B: Thank you. As – in our eyes – you do.
Q: That’s true.
B: Then you really have no reason to experience anything else. And everything else that you do experience, that you recognize as not being quote/unquote, ecstasy, in your definition, is still a variation of ecstasy because it is always another opportunity to experience another portion of yourself. Which is always for us, an ecstatic experience.
There are no negative experiences, in the sense of allowing yourself to experience that which you believe yourself to be. If you fear to experience it, then you create the negative effect. If you live through it, always it is positive. Because always you will allow yourself to be clear-sighted enough, clairvoyant, clear-sighted enough, to be transparent to yourself – instead of opaque. Thank you!
Q: Thank you!