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42. Clean slate

Came after a powerful feeling I got when imagining, that my past obligations are all complete. It came not physically, it came as a suggestion spiritually, and I felt the truth of it for me: that I was used to constantly be in the feeling, that I have to finish something I haven’t completed yet.

Then this quote of Abraham came to mind:

“There is nothing for you to go back and live over,
or fix, or feel regret about now.
Every part of your life has unfolded just right.
And so — now — knowing all that you know from where you now stand,
now what do you want?
The answers are now coming forth to you.
Go forth in joy, and get on with it.” ~ AH

Several years ago I had an audio of this quote – I recorded myself saying it – I played it on repeat, over and over, because of the feeling of relief I got every time on “has unfolded just right,” and a feeling of opening, interesting development on “now what do you want?” – it felt like kind of .. deconstructing all thoughts I had before, and starting on a clean slate, asking myself, what I would want now, who I am now, with my current, newly upgraded preferences.

I remember also that on every “has unfolded just right,” I released something else from my past that revealed itself to me as feeling being wrong. Now I could say “maybe I don’t know how, maybe I don’t need to know how or why, but now I know, that it’s unfolded right.” It felt like stepping into wobble-free zone on these things, too.

“Everything is a stepping stone,
and by staying on the stone that you are on right now,
you create the opportunity to step to the next stone.
Invalidate any place you are, invalidate any portion of yourself,
and there is no stone from which to step.
Everything that is, is what needs to be.” ~ Bashar

Want to play this game here? I found that even coming up with one answer of what I want now on a clean slate, is refreshing, interesting and connects me with my desires.

Step 1: Clean Slate Creating

Here's the quote again:

"There is nothing for you to go back and live over, or fix, or feel regret about now.
Every part of your life has unfolded just right.
And so — now — knowing all that you know from where you now stand,
now what do you want?
The answers are now coming forth to you.
Go forth in joy, and get on with it." ~ AH

Note: if you now feel like this:

“When an idea is born
Any beliefs that you currently hold about it
That flow with it or against it
Come to the surface

Any beliefs that are still active in your experience!

So the hindering beliefs show themselves to you
And give you an opportunity
To work the wobble out of them or not

That’s really what expansion is about

Esther’s been saying to herself
As an idea will occur to her
And then right on the heels of this fresh idea
Will come all of the reasons
Why it might not be a good idea

And then she’s acknowledging:

Alright… I got a wobble going on…
Where did the new idea come from?
What was I doing?
How was I feeling when that new idea came?

Was that new idea born out of inspiration or desperation?
Was it born out of desire or was it born out of need?
Did it come from something I want?
Or did it come from something that I want to fix?

And in the moment that she acknowledges:

Oh… that was a fresh idea…
That was an inspired idea…

I was in a wobble-free place
That idea came
But then the beliefs that I hold that contradict it
Are now coming to the surface

So that now I can begin de-wobbling this

So if she jumps in with both feet
Then she just wobbles more

But if she acknowledges:

„Oh.. a new idea came
And undoubtedly I have some beliefs
That are hindering that new idea
I’ll see where this goes…“

Then what happens is…

Each time she thinks about it
The thought will come again

And each time the thought comes again
She has an opportunity of choosing
A less wobbly approach to it

Until in a very short period of time
We’re talking in some cases… less than 5 minutes
We’re talking in some cases… about 5 days

It depends upon what the subject was
And how big the wobble was within it

But in every case

The diminishing of the wobble
Or… better way of saying it….
The focusing upon what is wanted…

She can begin to feel the momentum of it

This is what deliberate creation is!” ~ AH

I can suggest that you use this process: when in the left column you improve your desire bit by bit, you may work out those other beliefs, too, – this is how it works for me, and all in a good feeling way.

For example, when I state a desire, usually in the next row I write: “and it came easily,” then “and it was good for everyone,” etc. I’m just asking myself, what could be added to my desire I stated, so that it would feel even better, – all kinds of thoughts come, and when I come to the bottom row, I feel very good with what I came to.

In NLP, when you state a goal, they ask you: if you had a barometer which would show just how much you want this, what this barometer would show? If it’s not at 100%, then there’s a conflict of interests (within you). I found, that when, like in Thanking process, I state a desire and then improve it bit by bit, then I don’t need to go down into the conflict of interests: it gets “fixed” by itself by adding pieces to the desire, that contain all interests satisfied. And for me it also works on raising vibration, changing approach on the beliefs that rise when I state the desire. Nice! :)

I usually fill that table in columns: first, all fields in the first column, from the top row to the bottom row, and then the second column, from top to bottom as well. Then the “Thank you!” comes on all the desires I wrote in the first column, and I’m working with the complete feeling during filling the second column fields. Very satisfying, fulfilling, exciting, elating, lovely. :)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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