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Tender :)

(“Hushabye Mountain – Stacey Kent”: video)

I love this guy!! :)

Dancing to this now:

(“Rocky Leon – My Life is Fun (Loop) – with improvised vocals and guitar”: video)

What a song for a great morning! :)

(“Rocky Leon – Hallelujah (cover)”: video)

and check the previous post, Quit Your Whining :)

Such a passionate version of Summertime

(“Gene Harris – Summertime”: video)

I love the way he smiles

of course, the music, too, but his smile is so pure, so beautiful..

(“Erik Mongrain – AirTap!”: video)


(“Andy McKee – She”: video)


(“Nat King Cole – Smile”: video)

This song seems to go well with..

..the mantra “My future is irresistible.” :)

(“Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling”: video)

My favorite blues radio is back!!

They were changing links, and now the new link is working!! I am so thrilled. They are so alive, have so much drive, I just love them!!

Here they are:

Happy listening! :)

By the way, how are you listening to the online radio? I’m using RadioSure, they’re very convenient and absolutely free.

Do you love Garth Brooks as I do?

Here’re two songs with him I enjoy the most:

(“To Make you Feel My Love + Lyrics — Garth Brooks‏”: video)

(“Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places”: video)

did you know this song had a 3rd verse?.. :)

Calm music for a weekend

It’s a playlist of nice, pleasant, relaxing songs for a weekend:

click here to listen to them on YouTube

heard today on Russian Moscow Relax FM radio. If (not so many) ads in Russian in between will not annoy you, you may try and listen to it here. It is my absolutely favorite radio. :) Especially on Friday eves..