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From dependency to independency

Latest trend of mine, to think (about different people):

  1. I hope he behaves in such a way, that I feel good.
  2. wouldn’t it be nice if I could feel good independently of how he behaves?
  3. wait a minute.. what if I’m now training this in my life, on this very subject??
  4. if that’s so, it’s sooo worth it!!!!!!!!!!! Yehaa!!!!! :)))

Good feeling, very quick process, and very turning in. :)
Good morning!!! :)

Thought is like a smell?

Thinking about all these recent “if you want it, you can have it” quotes, and also “thought is material”, as I saw in one course yesterday, and “life never gives you one-side creation”, it came in me to this comparison I like very much:

what if, thought is like a smell: when we smell something, it means the molecules are there, it means the thing exists. And in the same way, if the thought exists, it means the thing IS, exists.

it exists vibrationally already, which corresponds to our thought and desire regarding this subject.

but to bring it into the physical world, too, we should align to it our physical self, too, grow it, grow with it in our physical life (as Bashar says, “live it to the degree you only can”). It’s only logical.

I have such warm feelings and sensations thinking about it this way, that certainly my Inner Being is encouraging me to think so. And it’s even more pleasant!! Yes-yes-yes!!! :))

God morning to you, like it is for me!!!!!!!!!! :))