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44. Hero’s Journey (with music)

This process is especially useful when you want to see your past in an empowering way. To release what hurt you, to see how the experience you gathered, benefits you, creating the great life you can enjoy.

Are you familiar with this notion of the Hero’s Journey? I first heard a recommendation from Bashar to get to know it, in order to be able to write our own story (not as a writer, – as a life liver).

“Joseph Campbell suggested that, in essence, there was just one major story – referred to as the ‘Monomyth’ – that had been told over and over since the inception of writing. And that story – which he called the hero’s journey – was basically about personal transformation. Campbell identified the hero’s journey in numerous ancient fables and in the plays of the Greeks and Romans.

Campbell produced a book, released in 1949, called The Hero with a Thousand Faces, in which he described the ‘template’ for the hero’s journey in mythology – and showed how stories since the beginning of consciousness contained elements strikingly similar to each other. So much so that the telling of the ‘hero’s journey’ in story form might be regarded as a necessary kind of ‘initiation ceremony’ that humans metaphorically undertake to seek and obtain wisdom.” ~ Rob Parnell

(“The Hero’s Journey / Monomyth – explained with examples from Matrix, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings”: video)

“Imagine the hero’s journey as an old-fashioned clock-face.

At twelve o’clock our journey begins. We are at home, safe in our most familiar environment. Yet we are dissatisfied. As the first hour passes, we feel a calling to explore the world and perhaps venture out of our comfort zone to seek answers or find purpose. If not, circumstances may prevail to force that change upon us.

At three o’clock we begin a series of tests that challenge our preconceptions and lead us on a quest to find solutions, meaning and direction. We may find new friends or discover enemies along the way.

At six, our world looks a very different place. In our quest to do the right thing, as in overcome our obstacles on the path to truth, the tests are harder, more intense. We delve into a symbolic labyrinth, own sense of identity may be challenged. As the clock turns, metaphorically we go deeper into the mystery of life, so much so that we are almost dazed and confused by what we’re experiencing.

At nine, we are tested beyond endurance and will eventually be forced to sacrifice ourselves to uphold our values. But this is in no way a defeat. It is a recognition of our innate courage and determination to persevere with our aims, no matter what. A symbolic death occurs, relieving our old personality, to be replaced by another, wiser self. Consequently we are reborn, we regain hope and acquire new insight and wisdom. We are stronger and perhaps have a message we may now use to help the world see the important issues of life more clearly.

At this crucial stage, when we realize we have taken responsibility for our lives and can from this moment hold ourselves accountable, we realize that our actions, however taxing, have brought us enlightenment. We have rediscovered ourselves but gained a new perspective when we return to twelve o’clock and understand that our lives are forever changed for the better.” ~ Rob Parnell

In The Hero’s 2 Journeys (Audio Edition) (by the way, highly recommended, I just loved it, understood so much about my own life when listening to it. They give examples from our favorite movies, Shrek, Titanic etc., and the seminar itself sounds like a great story to listen to) Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler speak about every great story having actually two journeys: outer and inner.

The outer journey is about achieving some physical goal, solving a physical problem.

The inner journey is “the deeper storyline that makes a story truly great.” Hauge says, The Hero moves from hiding within a protective identity to experiencing his or her true essence. Vogler says, The Hero’s inner need is invisible at first, but is revealed to the Hero by the end of the story.

They speak about every Hero having a trauma in the past, that since then prevents them from being themselves truly and openly (my words, I don’t remember how they said it exactly, but it was much more beautiful and inspiring than what I now say :)), from really living their lives to the fullest. And the journey helps them to make this transformation and start living what their soul was desperately hoping to live.

How not to think about our own lives and our own insights and understandings..

“You are a story of All That Is, we are a story of All That Is, all beings in creation are a variety of infinite stories of All That Is.

Your story is as valuable, as relevant to All That Is as any story, for without your story All That Is is incomplete, it doesn’t have a total story structure.

Now the story structure of All That Is is obviously very very very very very much more complex than your individual story, although your individual story does contain great richness and great complexity, but complexity doesn’t mean it has to be complicated in the negative sense.

It can still be smooth, joyful, effortless, exciting while still having challenges, resistances, and limitations in a positive context that you can apply to your experience, to your journey, to your story, in order to grow your story, to expand your story, to enrich your story, and allow your story to resonate at the fullest pitch of your being.

So, first and foremost before you can express that, before you can live that story – again the story structure – making sure that the template is there to allow for all the cords to be hit, for all the harmonics to be involved, for all the notes to be played that are relevant to your tune, your story, your song, must be there so that you can pluck the ones that will resonate in others and in All That Is.

As we have said and as many of you can simply do your own research on your own planet to find out what story structure is there is the hero, there is the obstacle that must be overcome.

Often in the story structure than you also see there is what is called the “call to action” that is the idea of what it is that you’re all about – your excitement, your passion is the call to action that pulls you from what might be your less preferred life toward the one you really do prefer.

From the you that is defined in a way that is not aligned with your true self toward the you that is perfectly in alignment with who you know you are.

The call to action.

That mission, that purpose, that expression as you call it on your planet to move forward, to take a step, to take action in some direction because you are compelled to, because it drives you, because it pulls you, it attracts you.

And you find it that even though at first there may be resistance due to inertia, familiarity, or any number of other reasons you have created within yourself.

Resistance to that call of action – it is all about the idea of transforming that resistance, that first resistance transforming and overcoming that inertia so that you are willing to answer – finally answer that call to action, that call to be more of yourself, to jump into that passion and not resist it any further.

Then you will find that once you answer the call to action you will be on the journey. The journey itself is a structure also and has many components within it.

On that journey you will encounter many other archetypal ideas, archetypal beings, archetypal components such as the mentor attracting into your life that being that will supply you some degree of guidance or information that will help you on your journey.

A teacher or even sometimes what you call euphemistically and colloquially an enemy can be a mentor teaching you what you need to know, what information you require, what toolkit you need to have, what signposts you need to look for, what signals you need to be aware of that will help you on your journey.

Along that journey you will experience also many other things within yourself.

You can find that there will be those moments within that journey structure that will allow you to experience fear and what you call doubt, which is simply as we have said a trust in a belief that is out of alignment with your true self.

These components are all essential for you to experience the process of this story structure.

You will find that there will be those moments wherein you will experience again a variety of beings that will be there to act in alignment or out of alignment with your true self to give you perspective, to challenge you to move forward, to give you an opportunity to look deep within and examine what you’re holding onto as a belief, as a definition as your story.

To examine the story that you are telling yourself about yourself every day, to examine the stories that you may have bought into.

The stories about yourself that were told to you by your parents, by your friends, by your society, by your peers.

To examine those elements and decide for yourself which really is your story, which elements belong in your story and which elements do not belong in the story of yourself, of your being, of your desire, of your preference, of your joy, of your excitement, of your passion.” ~ Bashar

Interesting to compare it to Abraham’s creation process:

“So from the variety or contrast, your own preferences or desires are born. And in the moment that your preference begins to exist, it begins to draw to itself, through the Law of Attraction, the essence of that which matches it – and it then begins an immediate expansion.

And as you pay attention to the way you feel and continue to choose good-feeling thoughts regarding your newly born preference, you stay aligned with it, and now it gently and easily appears in your experience, and you have now created your desire. But, along with this newly achieved physical manifestation of your desire comes an evolved perspective. And so, the vibrational characteristics of you and everything about you have shifted somewhat, and you have moved into a new set of contrasting circumstances that will again inspire new preferences within you – and now, new rockets of desire emanate from you.

And in the moment that this new desire exists, it too begins to vibrationally draw unto itself, and it too expands. So now, as you continue to pay attention to the way you feel, and you choose good-feeling thoughts regarding this newly born preference, you remain vibrationally aligned with it. Therefore, it gently and easily appears in your experience. And again, you have created your desire. And again, you have achieved a powerful place of clarity where another new set of contrasting factors surround you-which again will cause a new rocket of desire to be born.

This is how the Universe expands, and this is why you are on the Leading Edge of the expansion. The valuable contrast continues to provide the birthing of endless new desires, and as each desire is born, Source responds to the desire. It is a never-ending, always flowing, pure, positive Energy expansion.” ~ AH

(“Abraham Hicks – 3 Steps to the Deliberate Creation Process”: video)

Okay, are you ready to play? :)

Today the music will help you.

These music pieces help to relive the life we’ve been having, in a Hero’s Journey way. They help to see our past in an empowering way.

Choose the one(s) the suits you:

(“Celtic Music – Hero’s Journey”: video)

(“Audiomachine – Hero’s Journey”: video)

This one is very powerful and actually recommended by Bashar to listen to in a meditation, to release past traumas, “to allow you to be in a healthy state that is your birthright”:

(“Bashar on Beethoven’s Music”: video)

If you liked it, here’s a version of this music in 432Hz (what this is, for me it just feels .. somehow easier on my whole being) and in a loop for 30 min.:

(“30 min. loop of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony mvt II, 432Hz”: video)

You can also download an mp3 of a good version of Bethoven’s 3 minutes, to listen on your player offline: right-click here and choose to save.

Rachmaninov is also good in it:

(“Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Op. 18”: video)

Bashar, Abraham and the others say to re-write our life story, and it can be great, but I found, that it sometimes is a too big step for me to do. But when I’m listening to such music, it helps me to do it without words, in some inner feeling, and it releases without the need to put it into words. Then I have enough leverage to try and state something of a story I would like to live, in a feeling first, and then maybe even in words. Do it the way that is easier for you. :)

Remember: if that sounds depressing to you, don’t listen! We only want to listen to it when it brings us up, from some deep sorrow we had, but when we get to some vibrational level where we get higher than that, this music stops being beneficial, in terms of vibration. And so then – even if it’s in the middle, stop it and listen to something more happy!

This, for example:

(“Abraham – What is the easiest tool to apply to the blocked summoned energy”: video)

By the way, isn’t seeing our life as a story, following a certain structure, in some way going general? Doesn’t seeing our past as creating us Who We Are, let us appreciate it? Appreciate the moments of that story we come to?

And here’s where we come then:

(“Abraham Hicks ~ Step 1, 2, 3 and 4 explained”: video)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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