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The following meditation (which I just LOVE), divided in these videos to three parts, was once one meditation that could be downloaded from nithyanandam.net. Now the website doesn’t exist, but if you wish, you can download it here:


I just love listening to it while walking in our park. There’s a little river there, too, just like in the meditation, and all the trees.. the skies.. the air.. exactly as in this meditation. Till now, when I remember this place, I see it as “love coming from everywhere”. Wonderful experience.

Meditation set that I love, is the new Guided Meditations CD and User Guide “Getting Into The Vortex” by Abraham-Hicks.

Here they explain why and when and how affirmations work or don’t.
Funnily true :)

And here’re some more wonderful meditations that I found:

Meditation on money (having 3.6 mln dollars! absolutely beautiful meditation by Klaus Joehle);

more are here, with the usage instructions and books.

If you’re a creative person, reading Klaus Joehle’s “A Weekend with a Drunken Leprechaun” is a must! One message from there that I love, is that often we think, that what we create is “not enough …”, or “not as it really should be” or something, but really if you want to create it this way, there have to be (and are) people that NEED (and of course want) it exactly this way. Very powerful message, isn’t it? As Klaus’s book says, “some things are worth believing in”.

A very powerful thing is also LifeFlow meditations. They’re dealing with brainwaves, and I like how I immediately calm down with them. When I’m listening to them, I find myself in the Vortex and can breathe, can live the life I want to live – meaning, fully see, experience, feel what is in my Vortex, and it is such a pleasure and such a relief. When I’m coming out of them, I already have this enhanced experience of feeling, living of what’s in the Vortex. Amazing.

They say, there’re lots of benefits to meditating, they list them at their pages. But for me this possibility to feel, live fully what I want, and so to be able to focus more on what I want (and not what IS), and so go there more definitively, is precious. It doesn’t mean to live in the future (even though Bashar says, “act on it as if it IS, because that’s who you fully are”). Not all the time, at least. :) But it’s a possibility to explore more fully, what is there, what is what I want, what is I can come to. When in their meditation, my mind is not disturbed by the resistance of “but it can’t be”, because I feel it as “is”. In short, it has to be experienced to be understood fully. :)

Try it:

I wish you happy experiences and happy-happy life! :)

By the way, if you didn’t know, the meditations on YouTube – you can download them as mp3, with video2mp3.net. They even have add-ons for Firefox and Google Chrome, which add a link to download the video as mp3, when you open it at YouTube.

I like downloading them or AH or Bashar clips to my mp3player and listen during my walks, or at the bedtime, or when I wake up and still in my bed.. Or most of all, when I’m doing dishes (then it’s time for “$3.6 mln meditation” :)), cooking, doing some home chores.. Makes it pleasurable and useful.

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