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Seeing vs. being

Related to this post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/143802934361573/posts/256262526448946/ I started to write a comment but it got too long. In case some of my ways can be useful to you, too:

I see it these days as stratification: when something once solid (me being it) becomes layers (me seeing it, and then I feel I don’t have to hold it any more, I can just release it). My beloved IFS calls it unblending. Sometimes it happens in itself, coming as an insight, a feeling (can come in a meditation, or in other rising processes). Besides that I have the following ways:

1. Seeing myself as a vibrational being, who has (is in) states, I’m asking myself in subjects interesting to me, what I would want to experience there, what feeling place I would want to be.

Then, taken from an NLP course, I’m asking myself, if I want this 100%. Then I often feel like, either I want it less than 100%, or like, I do want it 100%, but there is something between me and that state that I want, and I see it as a part of me, standing with its back to me, face to the desire.

If feeling like I don’t want it for 100%, or don’t believe I can have it 100%, I remember Bashar saying that we don’t “believe in our worthiness only 70%” – we actually “believe 100% that we’re worthy only 70%”.

For that I have Bashar’s exercise for the feelings, to state:

(1) I feel _____
(2) I feel _____ because I choose so
(3) I choose so because I believe it serves me

And then it’s interesting to look at why I think/feel it serves me – usually I feel that holding on to the protest lets me turn my back to the necessity to face uncertainty of the unknown, if I let go the holding on to.

When I feel it’s a part of me standing between me and my desire, it usually means it’s a Protector part of me, that sees the desired state (or the desiring itself) as a threat for me: it can be that I have an old belief about something in the desired, that I didn’t release yet, or that part thinks if I don’t get the desired, I may be hurt, or it believes I can’t get it, etc.

Then I can use the beautiful meditation at https://ifs-institute.com/nobadparts for Working with Protector Part. Or I have other ways to talk to the parts – for example, wrapping us all together in the blanket of indestructible core (and then indestructible core becomes irresistible core), and saying it was phase I, now we’re in phase II, etc.

A way to stratify, to unblend in this case can be asking myself, what I feel towards this part of me – and it can be compassion (that it still holds its protecting position, for all these years), and appreciation for what it tries to do for me, and love.

I’m also telling it “I don’t know myself what it can be now, I have no guarantees for you, either, but let’s just try to see it all through together”.

More about the IFS steps, for the second image in this post, you can find a nice summary here: https://medium.com/@lucasforstmeyer/the-steps-of-the-ifs-approach-8ffafcb2f12f

2. This came from Lorie Ladd’s phrase “it’s human experience”, I think in this video: https://youtu.be/ySOc2OO-PwU When I’m starting to feel afraid, or trying to figure out, sometimes it’s relieving to notice, “it’s my human experience that is afraid or figuring out, or trying to control, insisting on certain outcome”, and then I start feeling purpose, compassion, curiosity..

3. From Konstantin Dykin, who said “to change not the position in which you stand, but the decision to take this position [further]”: saying “what I’m feeling now – is a position. I may not change it in this red hot minute, but if I was making a decision to take a position in this subject for tomorrow, would I decide to take this position again, anew? If not, which position would I choose?”

For example, my position now I can formulate as “I’m feeling like the person I wanted to love me, doesn’t love me”, the position for tomorrow can be “I experience love from all people I love” – and then this new feeling place I even start feeling now, but it went the soothing way, not meeting the resistance of the previous position and the feeling I “should fix” something.

4. From Matt Kahn I saw a quote these days, recommending to say (in our thoughts) to the person who we feel negative towards, “thank you for helping me”. I tried :) and then the explanation kind of comes in itself, reminding Sara Landon’s “everything is happening not to you, but for you”, which probably starts showing to me the Source’s point of view, judging by the warm feeling I’m getting in the process.

MK: “When you say thank you to anything you assume it’s a gift, and when you assume it’s a gift only gifts can be revealed. Thank you is the end of lashing out, the disappearance of turning away, and the death of shutting down. It is the emergence of your highest vibration in form that transforms reality from the inside out – one blessing of gratitude at a time.” (or more :))

5. The quote “I like knowing that Source loves me, and I really really like to be loved” ~ AH brings me to the feeling place of feeling loved and contained by my Source, and then I see things that are incompatible with that vibration, as in seeing them, instead of being them.

6. A magic phrase for me now “getting to joy unconditionally”, I feel it as a state, into which I just come, and everything else like, stops existing in that feeling place. Very peaceful place to be in, like being Home.


“Screw finding your passion”?

Just found this article Screw finding your passion by Mark Manson, and I thought, Yes! :)

Not in the sense of passion being not important, of course.

In the sense that “finding the passion”, on my opinion, is another way to “set the circumstances in such a way that I could observe them and be happy.”

When I’m sure, it works the other way: we’re getting happy (aligning), and then our passion finds us, we just get the impulse to do something, and when we’re doing it, it’s a pleasure.

Better said, then life itself becomes a passion. Halleluja. :)

“To live like everything is a miracle, or like nothing is” :)

They did it when I was just born!!

Physicists!! They measured it!! With repeatable, verifiable results!! And I was still going on, thinking that what I did was crazy to most of the people and even me? And a doctor said to me: “You cannot change it, unless you do a surgery”? And I still was walking around, thinking that what Abe said, was crazy to most of the people, including sometimes me?

I’m feeling so mad :) All those years!!!

[amazon_image id=”B0047T7DXC” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]My Big TOE: Awakening[/amazon_image] “In about eight months we were ready for the world to give us a try. Bob put out the word that we needed a limited number of guinea pigs to try out our binaural-beat brainwave entrainment techniques for facilitating the projection of one’s consciousness into the nonphysical as an aware operational entity. The response was overwhelming.

Soon, Bob was booking every room at the nearby Tuckahoe Motel. The Tuckahoe management, having seen better times, agreed to let us string wires throughout their facility. Dennis and I had a lot to do before the big weekend when we would discover if our methodology was as effective as we thought it was. We expected about twenty totally naive subjects — and we planned to keep them that way by telling them nothing. We did not want to lead their reactions and experiences by giving them any expectations.

Building mobile measuring equipment and audio equipment for large groups was a challenge. We barely made our deadlines by working evenings and weekends for three weeks, but with the help of Bill Yost and Bob’s stepdaughter, Nancy Lea Honeycutt, we had the equipment installed, checked out, and ready to go late in the afternoon of the last day. What a panic! In a parallel activity, Nancy Lea, who had joined our research team after her graduation from college, orchestrated and administered all the necessary arrangements. Somehow, at the last moment, everything pulled together. It was worth it.

During Friday night, all day Saturday, and half of Sunday, the attendees had the time of their life. There were so many paranormal happenings that weekend that we had a difficult time getting them all recorded. These naive subjects were reading numbers in sealed envelopes, remote viewing, manifesting lights in the sky, visiting their relatives, reading next week’s newspaper headlines, and much more. It was a circus! Fun, but exhausting. Dennis, Nancy Lea, and I ran the show, with visits from Bob off and on throughout the weekend.

We collected lots of solid evidential data — the results were more dramatic than we had expected. Things were never the same after that.” ~ Thomas Campbell, My Big TOE Trilogy

An amazing gem for playing with life story

Bashar has been saying, “What is your story?”
AH have been saying, “What is your story?”

seeing in it the key, the instrument, the amusement.

Bashar even had the whole workplayshop for writing and rewriting our story. He said, when we see our life as a story with a particular structure, the archetype of “The Hero’s Journey”, we can then understand it .. more usefully. :)

Our physical part then appears to be the actor, and the Inner Being – the audience. But when we apply the storytelling structure, then we in our whole can be the audience, too, and enjoy the story as it goes.

And now I found this real gem: Emma Coats set out “22 Rules of Storytelling” based on what she learned working for the animation studio (responsible for such blockbusters as the Toy Story series and Finding Nemo), and Jessica Bogart of PBJ Publishing created an infographic for it (click the image to see it).

22 Rules for Storytelling

Such a pleasure to apply! I feel like doing a whole playshop for myself around it. :) It can be applied to the whole life, as well as to some particular streams in it.

Eyes of Source :)

Eyes of Source

Synchronicity, and leveraging Christmas

Yesterday on Facebook I found this:

Seth: The Meaning of Christmas From ESP Class, December 19, 1972
“Do not think that Christmas is too camp. In your civilization, when you allow it to, it speaks to the child in you. Accept the child and enjoy the myth, for behind the myth there is truth, and the truth is that you are reborn. And the truth is that the inner self does have the wonder of a child. “Other stories have been wound about those truths, but the truths remain. The god Pan has as great a validity as Christ has. The names change; the stories change to fit your ideas and your civilization. Now, I prefer Pan piping his magic flutes over the countryside and drinking wine, to a Christ born to be crucified. But that is my idea; you pick your own. “Behind all the myths is the reality. You are born with the wonder of a child again to remake the world in a new image. Christmas should represent the rebirth of the self. Seth Speaks should be called You Speak. So listen to yourselves. “It is fashionable to think in terms of Buddha and Eastern religions. And it is not fashionable to think of the infant Christ, for example. So you are `in’ if you think of Buddha, and `out’ if you dare to let a tear show when they play a Christmas carol. The same thing is involved. You are still dealing with systems of beliefs and myths that have grown through the ages. And each of them has their degree of validity and their degree of distortion. “Santa Claus – Ho Ho – is relatively harmless considering what your religions have done. If you are bad you get a hunk of coal, and if you are good you get a goody. But what about a god who says if you are good you will go to heaven and if you are bad you burn through all eternity? Place your indignation where it belongs! “All of the gods in your myths die and are rewarded from the time of your ancient memory, and through the ages of the memory of your race. So it is simply said again and again, in terms that you understand, according to the time in which you think you live: That you are born again and again, and the trials of the gods are your own, and so are their triumphs and their joys. “The symbols used are also colored by the times, and they are personified, so winter and the cold that sweeps across the earth are used to symbolize the death of the soul. Not a death, however, but transformation. If you understood your myths, you could use them effectively. When you think that they are reality, however, they can entrap you. “You are the stories that the Soul tells. You are your own stories, and you create your ideas of God according to your interpretation of greater realities that you understand and do not understand. You are catching up with your own understanding, but, as soon as you understand, there is more to learn because creativity is never still and never done and never finished. “In other worlds there are other Christmas tales, each with their own story and rhyme. But none of them denies the intense and eternal NOW which is being forever created and in which you have your quite natural existence. And none of it denies the joyful vitality that is your own, neither the bewilderment in your eye, nor the pleasure in yours. All of this is meant to illuminate the joy and ease of your own being, and meant to generate within you, if you will forgive me, that old Ho-Ho-Ho – the vitality and the laughter and the joy that is your being. If you understood thoroughly what I am trying to say to you, you would be laughing with me and enjoying your own grizzly beard and hair, and, as you looked around at each other, you would see yourselves as all ages, reborn time and time again and with your identity alive within you now. “The truth is not something apart from you. You each are truth, speaking and living in physical form. Seth Speaks is within you and not in a book. You are the book. Then joyfully listen to what your feelings tell you. Your thoughts and your feelings are both natural and both yours. And your joy is within you, Christmas or non-Christmas, Santa Claus or no Santa Claus, December 25 or the 4th of July. Your atoms and molecules shout with the joy of their own being; listen to them. Feel within their fleshy substance your own spirituality. “Look at the Christmas tree; your cells and molecules shine a million times more brightly. Your eyes glitter with far greater light. You are love in corporeal form. You do not have to look for it or wonder where to find it or give it in packages with bright ribbon. You are packages with bright ribbon. “Christmas is now and was yesterday and will be tomorrow. It is in you, in Buddha, in Pan, in Christ, in Mohammed, in an ant and in a frog, and in your eyes and with you, each of you. You are each, then, Christmas. You shine and glitter whether or not you know it. You shout `Merry Christmas’ even when you cry. You cannot deny your own vitality or being. “Let the vitality and energy, therefore, ring out through your own knowledge. Let it awaken within you the knowledge of your being. Dance through your own molecules and scatter your own petals! And I bid you all a merry Christmas!” SETH

And now I found this:

John Lewis – The Feeling from Blink on Vimeo.

Wonderful synchronicity :)

The Energy of the 11-11-11

Do you believe that it is kind of a threshold, a gate, a special something?

I prefer to treat it like this: whatever I think, if it feels good, – I will want to think that. :)

And here: http://spiritlibrary.com/11-11-11 I found a lot of articles on 11-11-11, that do feel good to me. Even very good. :) So for me it’s a great stuff. How about you? :)

So interesting

Weekly Update of Spirit Library for Sunday, 06 November 2011

Emmanuel Dagher > Energy Forecast – It’s Time
Emmanuel Dagher

What is it time for? The time (or I call it no-time) has come, for each one of us to say ‘YES’ to being our truest selves. It’s time to lift the veils of illusion we created for ourselves all these years keeping us from connecting with our most Holy Self. For many years, the world taught us to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment. With that, we were lead to believe that we were small & insignificant. Now, we have reached a pivotal point in our history where the collective begins to turn within, reclaim our power, and awaken to our Goddess/God Self.
read more

Talyaa Liera > November 2011: Dreaming Your Wild Dream
Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

This is the month where you can begin to dream your dreams into reality. Oh? Can that really be true? Can I truly live my dreams? Of course you can. You always could. And this is the month where you begin to see your power of dreaming put into action.There are a few tricks to this. You knew there would be tricks! If it were so simple, then wouldn’t everyone be doing this, be living their wild dreams and having the lives they truly wanted? Of course they would. Which brings us to Trick #1.
read more

Uriel Heals > The Energies of November 2011
Jennifer Hoffman

As I started writing this article, I could hear Chicago’s song, “Where Do We Go From Here?”. We’re nearly at the end of 2011 and what a year it has been for all of us. Personally, I prefer to focus on how far we have come and we have definitely come a very long way. Can you remember where you were energetically and emotionally at the beginning of this year? Where are you now? Can you see where you have made profound changes in your thinking or being? Hold onto your seats because this will be a powerful month and year end that includes our final Mercury retrograde and an eclipse in December.
read more

Video > Doreen’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2011
See video
Each week, Doreen draws three oracle cards and gives a message based upon the cards. Today She is using the “Angel Therapy Oracle Cards“.
read more

Selacia > Understanding the 11/11 Gateway
On 11/11 you and humanity are entering an energy gateway. It is one of a number of gateways you will experience in the coming times. What do these gateways really mean and how can you prepare?
read more

Jamye Price > Energies of November 2011
Jamye Price

This will be a monumental month of supportive change.  We have a powerful 11/11 energy influx and astrological support that is continuing the cycle of integration and refinement.  As Lightworkers, we will have more clarity and more comfort with the Now nature of creativity.  Expect miracles to be an everyday occurrence and note them as they occur so you anchor it into your understanding.  Synchronicity is you aligned with your Divine Flow.  Become expectant of it because it is your natural functionality.
read more

Sarah-Jane Grace > Monthly Astro-Forecasts November 2011
Sarah-Jane Grace

Welcome back. November looks set to be a month of empowerment, activity, focus, vision and forwards movement! There is a sense of excitement and anticipation as dreams are re-kindled and re-energised, and a feeling of deep shift and change emerges, globally and individually.
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Sarah-Jane Grace > Angels & GPS’s
Sarah-Jane Grace

There is a strange and somewhat mysterious energy all around us at the moment, even the light during the day has changed, and the dark during the night seems altered. Everyone seems affected by this energy; even those not usually open to spiritual or ‘higher’ energies. There is a bubbling undercurrent of anticipation and expectation, but nothing is bursting forth with a notice to say ‘here’s the answer, here’s the solution’. No faeries or light beings are popping up with words of wisdom or guidance.
read more

Expect Wonderful > You Were Made for This: An Ode to YOU!
Meredith Murphy

There is so much to appreciate in yourself.  Today is a beautiful time to take it all in and smile. ♥  After all, YOU were made for this. You realize in hindsight the immensity of it all, in the beginning you just knew something BIG was happening…remember?
read more

Dana Mrkich > November 2011 Monthly Visions: The Last Day of the Circus
Dana Mrkich

On the night of October 28, the date associated with the end of a 16 billion year Galactic cycle, we were having dinner with my sister and her partner when we noticed a fireworks display happening outside their lounge-room window. This wasn’t a few small sparklers being thrown about by neighbourhood kids. It was a major extravaganza in the night sky, similar to the display that happens in this same location every New Year’s Eve. The fireworks were coming from the park where a circus has been set up for a couple of months and I said ‘It must be the last day of the circus.”
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Earth Keeper > The Energy of the 11-11-11 (Part 2)
Metatron channeled by Tyberonn

The Story of Atlantis, the True Legend of the Fall & The Second Moon of AtlantisPart Two of a Three Segment Channel…Continued from Part One

Poseida and the Atla-Ra
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HeartLight > Shhhhhhh…Love is Calling
The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch

The Council of Light answers the following question: “Beloved Council of Light, why do I feel so raw, discouraged, defeated and just plain old fed up?”
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