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Self enjoying pages

I planned to call it all Self coaching pages, and the vibration raising exercises below – Focus Gym, but Self enjoying pages and Focus Delight sing more in my heart, even though maybe they’re not that self-explanatory. I’m looking forward to the clarity on this subject. :)

The idea is always the same:

…As you reach for what feels better – you’re on your way,
because if it feels better to you, it’s never a mistake,
if it feels better to you, it’s not the wrong way,
if it feels better to you, it’s Source calling you to completion
of that which you are. — Abraham-Hicks

Focus delights are a technique I developed for myself and my coaching clients to help raise the vibration on different subjects:

  • when I’ve been trying to tell a new story, I’ve always encountered an unpleasant feeling “but it’s not true.” It was so heavy, that it was taking all the pleasure away.

    When you choose a statement as feeling better, just click on it, it will be shown as selected in a nice way.

    In focus delights the technique is not to affirm, but to compare the alternatives. For example, instead of saying “I am abundant”, in focus delights I compare two thoughts: “I experience lack” and “I’m abundant”, to see which thought feels better,

    and it creates a miracle: suddenly I don’t feel resistant on “I’m abundant”, I feel a warm support of confidence, I feel a huge loving power holding me in its hands.

    Try it. :)
  • The key is to wholeheartedly compare the two options;
  • not to convince yourself in anything, but to find the pathways, supported by your Source.
  • Not only it gives you support right away,
  • it also trains your vibration to be of that higher frequency.
  • It trains you to choose more thoughts in which you feel this warm support,
  • and you start feeling that your dreams, your decisions, your goals, desires, aspirations are supported, your Source is actually wanting the same for you that you’re wanting, it tells you that you can have it, and that you should think thoughts of having of it, of happy outcomes, of amazing tomorrow, of irresistible future.. The feeling of such life is delicious. :)
  • You easily raise the vibration in a friendly, supportive environment of better-feeling thoughts,
  • feel more your call of Source, feel Who You Have Become with all your preferences,
  • feel your path to everything you desire and prefer.
  • You get the directions, you clarify for yourself a lot,
  • and then you can continue pondering on these thoughts through your day,
  • feeling happy.
It’s been my dream, coming into fruition. :)

The following focus delights and other exercises are available now:

1. Focus delight (general)
2. Focus delight (love, starting very low)
3. 3-3-3 (visibility, security, openness)
4. 3-3-3 clean form
5. Focus delight (habits, loving self)
6. Focus delight (validation, “results”)
7. Focus delight (beauty)
14. Sweet Having Map (love, money, health, activity, youth & beauty)
16. Trampoline (money)
17. Trampoline (love)
18. Trampoline (sex)
19. Count your blessings (especially useful for being in the Vortex)
20. Focus delight (love, for the case of breakup)

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There are also mobile versions.

How to use it (Russian).
Как пользоваться “фокусом удовольствия, удовольствием фокуса”:
(Описание сложнее, чем сам процесс, честное слово! :))

Как пользоваться процессом: на каждой ступени берется первая мысль. Потом одна (только одна!) следующая, мы сравниваем ощущение от каждой из них (как мы делали раньше, беря каждую мысль как правду в этот момент) и выбираем одну мысль из них, с которой ощущения приятнее, светлее, любимее.

Так у нас остается одна мысль – фаворит на данный момент. Мы берем одну (опять только одну) следующую и сравниваем ее с прежним лидером. Если новая мысль по ощущениям приятнее – лидером становится она.

Если по достижении окончания ступени приходит мысль, с которой еще лучше, запишите ее в поле текста, которое находится после всех мыслей. И теперь можно выбрать ее лидером.

Если вы проходите этот процесс там на веб-странице, лучше отмечайте кликом каждую мысль, которая становится лидером – рядом появится индикатор, что вы выбрали эту мысль. “Feels better” означает, что эта мысль ощущается вам приятнее, светлее, любимее, лучше.

И потом еще можно добавить свои мысли и чувства – как бы обсуждая с собой, путевые заметки, – в конце в поле “Что я думаю и чувствую на этой ступени”.

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