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My agreement to interaction..

“No one has the ability to force you to be any way. You must choose to agree to interact with them on their level. You must create anger, hate, rage, guilt, frustration, jealousy. You must choose to create those for yourself in order to feel them, because all feeling is a reaction to a belief that exists first. There is… no such thing as a feeling without a point of view that creates the feeling.” — Bashar

all the quotes now are from here.

“Ecstasy is what you’re made of”

“There is no such thing as something that is too good to be true, or too good to last.

Ecstasy is what you’re made of, it is the highest energy of creation reflected and represented through your physical form.” — Bashar

So nice to think about it, when I’m in the right mood. :)

“Problem” dissolving

“A problem is a situation like any other situation. Your belief that it is difficult to change is what makes it difficult to change. So if you wish to dissolve them, stop believing they are difficult to change, and allow them to dissolve. You see, you may be under the assumption that you have to make things change. All… you need to do is allow them to change, because change is the only constant in the universe.” — Bashar

Such a relief from thinking about it. Reminds of “don’t make it happen, let it happen instead” by AH.


“When you Change the belief to, ‘I do deserve to create a reality of effortlessness and ease, and I will be supported,’ then that’s the reality you will get; the universe will support you 100% in that direction. Because now that’s what you believe. All you need to do is be willing to recognize that 100% in the direction you prefer will create the reality you prefer to experience.”

and also:

“Nothing is happening to you, it can’t. It only is happening through you. Because in your reality you are all there is.”

All by Bashar.

Hey, it’s doable! What d’you think? :)

“The things that we would be asking ourselves is, “What proportion of my day am I in vibrational harmony with my desires, which means, how much of my day am I happy, glad, eager, fulfilled, satisfied, complimentary? And what percentage of my day am I ornery, irritated, frustrated, or blaming?” And you don’t have to do 100%, you don’t have to do 90%, you don’t have to do 80%. If you could even get around 55% feeling better, than not feeling so good — you’d have significant movement in what begins to happen in your experience”.

— Abraham-Hicks, via The Abe Forum

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