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Mistakes or messages from Higher Self?

“To re-awaken to your creatorship is birthing new experiences of beingness through which all creation is expanding. The qualities of life that you berate, such as your resistances, your limitations, and your fear, are not mistakes. They are the signposts that if followed and resolved are gateways to this new freedom.

Look at what you do not like in your being and instead of seeing it as a mistake, instead see it as a message to yourself from your spirit. Your very life is a communication of the highest order. Stop, and do this. What is the message of your life? What is your spirit saying to you through the choice to experience any difficult situations in your life? The journey of moving beyond your experiences of limitation, which you do by coming to see why you are creating them, is the journey to your ever expanding freedom of being.”

– extract from Story Waters Weekly – Issue 22