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16. Trampoline (money)

In this process, I bring up a desire I wish to feel like (kind of those commonly used in visualizations). If there is an uncomfortable feeling when I’m trying to “find the physical feeling of it inside me”, as Klaus Joehle suggests, then I come up with a thought like it, but more general, easier to think.

I repeat this process until I find a thought, to which I don’t have any uncomfortable feeling, and then, if I went right in this chain, a miracle happens – I suddenly can go all the way backwards, feeling pretty comfortable. As if the last comfortable thought opens some door to the whole chain. As if it’s some kind of a trampoline, springing me up when I hit the bottom.

Because of its spring effect I could call it Rubberband, but since I like then to go again down, up and down, and up on that chain, again and again, it’s trampoline. :)

What’s interesting, it seems like all these thoughts are on the same level: when I’m doing a focus delight, finding a thought that feels better, then I don’t like to go backwards, as those previous thoughts feel lower, like, I’m not there any more. But here I love going back and forth, and all the thoughts feel nice.

The backward process (without first going down to more general, just trying to find the path in the Vortex to a specific desire feeling place) I call “Fractal search in the Vortex”: it’s coming into the Vortex, and then from that place in the Vortex I came to, finding a path to the specific desire. Once this path is found, it’s much easier to feel.

Fractal Search is more applicable when I don’t know, what it is that I want specifically on a subject. But here, when I do know a specific goal, desire, thing I want to have – I can start with it, and Trampoline makes it so pleasant! :)

I make the text here editable, so that you could change it if you wish, to put there precise words, making it feel comfortable for you.

So, starting with an exact thing and treading a path to feel comfortable:

Now go up if you wish. :)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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