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36. Letters for resolving (so many uses!)

I learned this process once in a writing course – we took a situation, where we had an issue unresolved, with someone who might be out of touch now. The exercise was to write a letter to them (without sending it), then write a letter from them to us, as a reply, and then reply from us to them back again.

Some of us asked later, if it mattered, if we wrote what we would think they would say to us, instead of what they would actually say. The trainer then said, that the important thing was that after finishing with those letters we would feel we had a conversation with them.

And I would say today, “the important thing is that we feel better.” :) What if they would be in a low vibration, when they would speak to us – is it relevant then that we hear what they really would say? And at all, in parallel realities, all the possibilities are contained anyway – including that they would say to us what we actually wrote.

I then used it for resolving a heavy issue with my grandfather – something that was really painful to me. And in a conversation, some beautiful things got revealed to me. While he was long physically gone! It made a touching story in letters (which was the point in the writer’s course), and I remembered it as a good method of therapy.

And now I just see how else this method can be used, and I’m excited!

Here’re some:

  • asking our Inner Being a question, having a conversation with our Higher Self – however we call it
  • speaking with Abraham, or Bashar
  • speaking with a celebrity, or someone who already got what we want to get
  • speaking with our own aligned version
  • speaking with a part of us that is responsible for the behaviour, belief, whatever, we want to change
  • speaking with a belief itself – for example, asking it how we can cooperate in a better serving us way, and to know how it already benefits us so far
  • speaking with our future version - in a month, a year, 5 years or more ahead, or with that Inner Crone Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about
  • having a conversation with our Inner Child, or with ourselves in an earlier age – to give them strength and power and love, and learning from them something, just spending time together
  • a conversation with someone we want to argue with :) Remember – we’re not sending this to them, so we can say all we wish! And remembering, that a rise from a helpless state can be very beneficial if made through hate first, and then moving higher, – it’s so good, that we can resolve it all here!
  • brainstorming with a virtual MasterMind group (like in Think and Grow Rich)
  • how about speaking with Money?
  • speaking with Money In The Vortex?
  • speaking with a book you’re writing
  • speaking with a book you could write
  • speaking with a friend we haven’t seen for a long time – then, by the way, we cans end them our conversation, if we wish, and have a talk about it :)
  • improving a relationship with someone, anyone – what a precious thing, to be able to do it on our own!
  • raising our vibration in a stream, reflecting to us in an issue in a relationship with someone we would think we would have to talk and resolve it with, in a physical conversation – raising the vibration, resolving even some of it inside, before we talk to them physically
  • speaking with our future lover, or in-the-Vortex lover, or in-the-Vortex friend, or in-the-Vortex teacher, or in-the-Vortex-business, or even the Vortex itself! :)

And the list is just started :) So, let’s have fun!! :)

:) Funny thing – I was looking for a form to use as a template for this process, and found a draft of a focus delight, the only written part of which feels like an exact fit for starting the letters process. So be it:

Step 1

More thoughts for this step:

Step 2: The Letters

Letter from you to:
A reply from them to you:
A reply from you to them:

Now if you wish to continue the conversation, I can suggest several ways to do that:

  • you can send the first conversation (below, with the button “Send it!”) and then continue with the reset form, or
  • you can continue the whole conversation in your email, or
  • you can go and put 2 chairs one facing the other, and switching the chairs, switch the roles, speaking it out loud, or
  • you can continue writing the letters on paper (some say, it’s the most therapeutic, and some people even learn to channel this way!), or
  • any other way it would suit you.

The criterion is, as always, that you feel good. :)

Why I haven’t provided more forms now – so that feeling “obligated” to a long conversation wouldn’t make the task too big to get started at all. And there is something in a short conversation, too.

However, if you feel like more letter area should be added, please write to me.

If you feel like appreciating in the end, you’re welcome to count your blessings!

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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