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some thoughts

(in the emotional guidance scale, just felt this)

part of AH Emotional Guidance Scale (better read from the bottom up):

5. optimistic
6. hope
7. contentment, satisfaction, wellbeing
8. boredom
9. pessimistic
10. frustration
11. overwhelm

pessimistic is releasing my little plan
it’s surrendering
it’s releasing the hope to achieve in order to prove
it’s releasing the grip of the monkey
it’s surrendering to the higher plan
it’s surrendering to the trust in the overall well being in which small achievements in order to survive and impress are not required

pessimism is acknowledging the physical mind’s need for the little plans, to make sure, to guarantee;

acknowledging, accepting, loving, embracing

pessimism is giving in to the idea of higher care

pessimism is relieving the “I will do” into “it’s already done for me, and I may see it”

pessimism is releasing expectations

and then boredom is “I’m tired of thinking about it all this way; I want to let go let God”

and the contentment then is receiving the God and the well being

and hope then is “maybe it can turn out way better than I thought it could be, not by my effort – by its natural flow I gave in to

and optimistic is this feeling of well being like a ray of sunshine beaming from inside

beaming anew, and as many times before, with new fresh taste

awakening happiness

Accepting it all

From some tantra workshops, I think, I got those statements, that have been wonderfully helpful for me, grounding and freeing at the same time, “making peace with what is”, as AH would say:

I’m accepting myself as I am.
I’m accepting my body as it is.

Then I added to it:

I’m accepting my life as it is.

And more:

I’m accepting this moment as it is.

And today I was saying it, feeling the wonderful relieving of it, and then suddenly felt like continuing:

I’m accepting my power as it is.
I’m accepting me being a vibrational being as I am.
I’m accepting me being fully contained by my Source as I am.

And it went into a beautiful rampage, which I felt like sharing with you, now it feels more like celebrating :)

p.s. I wrote this and went to read what was sent to me in some groups. The first thing I saw:

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

― Lao Tzu”

funny and touching :)

I’m having this image of a mirror..

..between step 8 (boredom) and 7 (contentment). And when I move up and at some point remember something from lower steps experiences, I’m telling myself “it was over that side of the mirror, now I’m at this side, where things come from the Vortex, which were born by, inspired by, those experiences over that side of the mirror”

this way I’m feeling better the flip of that step, I don’t feel obligated to continue the pain chain of those bouncing experiences, I feel they contributed, now their yield is available to me here where I am, in contentment, hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation, happiness, passion, joy, knowledge, freedom, love and appreciation, and I can release the regrets from that side and just enjoy this side’s experiences, bask in them, rightfully so

this is where AH’s words make sense to me: “you’ve done step one! you’ve done your work! now just relax and release the barriers between you and You, relax and allow”, it’s this side, it’s step 3, we came here, let’s bask

I realized now,

rising the emotional guidance scale, why AH (and Bashar) said not to manipulate the outcome: it’s like cheating, putting a sticker on a gas gauge, while I can naturally and fully rise inside. I can rise and feel, and celebrate, it’s amazing.

The new energies come with great help, also as a permission slip: now we can live new possibilities (Jupiter), organized into practical life (Saturn), I love how Bashar explains it here:

Magic question

How does it get any better than this? :)

(“Fia – Magic Question”: video)

Lovely Questions for the new week

Happy happy questions, I was just reminded of the process I created some time ago, 52. Questions for a new week. Here’re the questions in short:

What do I love?
What do I want?
Which motto do I choose for my upcoming week?
What did I especially love doing this week?
Which moments inspired me?
Whom would I want to meet?
What would I want to be doing?
What would I want to be feeling?
Why am I the happiest being in the entire world?

“Noticing what hasn’t manifested, is different than

not believing that it’s coming, or
understanding that everything is a work in progress.

They’re not really missing,
they’re just in the state of becoming.” ~ AH

“If we were standing in your physical shoes,

we would decide to be lazy.” ~ AH


No chains and no doors

Found some time ago, and still love relaxing with it every time I reread it:

“Do realize, that the greatest obstacle to the discovery of peace, harmony, yes – even the great awakening in your life – indeed it is the last obstacle – is the belief that there is an obstacle.
There are no chains. There are no doors.
There is no path. There is no process.
There is nothing you must find. There is nothing you must learn.
There is nothing you must change. There is nothing you must be.
There is nothing you must do. There is nothing you must have.”

“To define is to confine,

yet, you’re vast and limitless.” ~ Mooji