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57. Art therapy (fun!)

I found it in Russian, called “Quick guide for art therapist, in the imperative mood.” In my (and Google’s) translation, it says:

“What to do when you feel:
1. Tired – draw flowers,
2. Angry – draw lines,
3. Hurts – sculpt,
4. Bored – fill out a sheet of paper with various colors,
5. Sad – draw a rainbow,
6. Afraid – weave macrame or make applications of fabrics,
7. Worrying – make a string doll,
8. Indignant – tear paper into small pieces,
9. Anxious – fold origami,
10. Wanting to relax – draw patterns,
11. It is important to recall something – draw labyrinths,
12. Displeased – make a copy of the picture,
13. Desperate – draw roads;
14. It is necessary to understand something – draw mandalas,
15. It is necessary to quickly restore power – draw landscapes,
16. Wanting to understand your feelings – draw a self-portrait,
17. It is important to remember the state – draw color spots,
18. If it is necessary to organize thoughts – draw honeycomb or squares,
19. Wanting to understand yourself and your desires – make a collage,
20. It is important to focus on thoughts – draw points,
21. Wanting to find the best way out of the situation – draw waves and circles,
22. “Stuck” and in need to move on – draw spirals,
23. Wanting to concentrate on a goal – draw grids and targets.”
Victoria Nazarevich
Denis Hlomov

So, here it is for us! I tried it for myself, some of these instructions, it worked! Want to try?

Have fun! :)

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
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