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2. Focus delight (love, starting very low)

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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Step 4

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Step 5

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Step 6

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Step 7

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I love it when I make an effort to improve the vibration, and then I get the next clip, showing me the way further.. :) Even though the title sounded not so relevant to me, but what they say, fits so precisely..

Step 8

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Step 9

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Step 10

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Step 11

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these two songs for me are like two sides of a coin.. same as “Love Me Tender” by Elvis and by Norah Jones. I love them. :) And the feeling! The feeling is not as painful as it would be in the beginning of this whole process. The set point moved!

Step 12

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  ..it really comes as I go. I just opened “Blueprint for Change” by Bashar, and saw this:

“..this is why many of you create the seeming contradictions in your lives.
You say you wish to change the primary focus, but when you look around,
you are continually seeing the same background —
in a sense, seeing the idea of your primary focus
against the same background,
rather than allowing the entire background
to be a part of the primary focus,
and changing along with it.

When you look at the background in the same way you used to,
you immediately cancel the change you made in your primary focus,
because it’s all one and the same thing.

The echo, the background,
carries its origin point from the original sound.

You will look to this echo to see changes occur in it
before you allow yourselves to validate the changes
you have made, or you desire to make,
in the primary focus of your being.

But if you seek validation in the echo,
then you will only continue in the reality
in which you have already focused yourselves.

The validation must come in the primary sound,
the primary signal,
first — before you see it in the echo
of the background reality
you consider to be your exterior universe.” — Bashar

Step 13

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“Now, we are talking about something that is more than just a philosophy;
we are speaking about an actual literal mechanism.
You, as the perceiver of your reality,
are actually the creator of your reality.
Because it is only what you believe it to be,
what you think it to be, what you feel it to be,
what you imagine it to be.

There is no distinct reality that you have a perception of
that is perhaps different from someone else’s perception of it.
Your perception and their perception are, in and of themselves,
the literal reality you are experiencing.

Reality is only the perception,
the interaction itself,
between the observer and the observed.

Physical reality is actually, very really, made of you —
made of your thoughts, of your consciousness,
made out of the very energy that you are as a consciousness.

So every time you change the idea you are, every time you change your thought,
you literally change physical reality.” — Bashar

Step 14

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Step 15

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Step 16

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Step 17

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“Understand that everything that you are
is right here with you right now.” — Bashar

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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