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Answers :: How to handle a challenging situation?

To a question “My toddler drives me crazy and throws me out of alignment every day despite best efforts. Where am I going wrong?”, my answer:

I agree with @Stingray.. and disagree :)

I agree about doing the processes that align you, and I myself have the whole book about that “Unhurtable” ..even process, rather than notion.

I disagree about “giving buttons” and “becoming unhurtable forever”. Same as I disagree about looking for reasons of your situation. Because all that moves your focus away from just aligning and finding Your answers using Your inner GPS, Your inner guidance.

How about – this is just a stream, one of those you consist of (as each your desire forms one), and you’re just in the stage of it being expanded (by itself, for life’s and your sake) and not yet harmonized (by you).

(In projection to what AH teach, similar to step one and step three.)

So all you need to (want to) do is just seeking relief in every moment you feel not in harmony. Seeking relief by looking for a thought that lets you feel better in the situation you’re in.

As AH say, “Don’t seek improvement, don’t seek solution, just seek relief.”

What will happen, it will change your state in the stream, you might be even able to enjoy that same situation! And then the whole situation will change, as the every-moment-updated expression of your energy, of the ratio of harmonization in this your stream of this specific desire.

And you will be able to live in the current moment, not trying to solve the situation forever, just harmonizing in your every moment in the stream you find the most touching you then, or at all.

Why I disagree with looking for reasons – as AH say, “it’s a bottomless pit”. In every situation you will look for the “reasons” in that situation, when actually the “reason” is one: the pre-harmony (I prefer this title) in a great, exciting, satisfying stream of one of your deliciousest desires, found this way to express itself. That’s it. When you harmonize, it will find the way to express the harmony.

Why I disagree with “giving buttons” – because it looks blaming you and, more important, making you try to solve this “weakness”. Instead of harmonizing and praising your sensitivity in Feedback about your Emotional stance and your beliefs. When you align, it will become observable and rather simple.

And why I disagree with “seeking becoming unhurtable forever” – because you have a life to live, many lives to live, and your streams will expand, yielding for you new heights of happiness, – but in the beginning, when they expand, the pre-harmony will be finding its way to express itself, and you may spend a life in trying to “wrestle it to the ground and kill it, forever”, or you may just seek relief – the simplest, surest way to harmonize, and live currently, presently, enjoyingly, in every newly coming moment.

Be happy. :) You have all the reasons to.

By the way, you could take “Where am I going wrong?” as the first thought you will find a thought that feel better, from. I would probably recommend you not to go for big processes, at least at first, as they may too resemble “wrestling it to the ground and killing it forever”, trying to fix the situation in order to feel better, I would recommend simple small steps, like here. Good feeling to you. :)

I opened for myself this new coaching format..

..and found it excitingly useful:

we define “session” as two days of emails, back and forth, with my questions, client’s questions, my exercises, client’s results, summary. It gives both me and my client the time to do our vibrational ..play :) in a subtle, yet more thorough and expansive way.

If you wish to try it with me, contact me.

Emotional ladder on feeling unworthiness in a relationship

It’s from a recent LIVE workshop by Abraham-Hicks: Abraham-Hicks LIVE Workshops Schedule.

It was amazing, it felt like Abraham was speaking directly to me all the time.. This piece was especially for me feeling sometimes a sharp feeling of unworthiness when I’m next to my godly boyfriend:

[it starts with, don’t blame yourself for feeling this, rather, say to yourself:]

I don’t have to figure this out now
things are getting better with me all the time
this new relationship is a reflection of who I really am
this new relationship is much more about what I want, than about what I don’t want
I had to be in a very good place or I couln’t have attracted this
things are working out very well for me
I never get it done and it is never wrong
it is just me figuring it out
and I’m having way more fun than I had in a long time
and I’ve made the right decision in order to this
if it weren’t right, it wouldn’t feel this good
there isn’t anything for me to fix
there’re many things that I’m looking forward to becoming, but I don’t have to do any of them this red hot minute
for now I’m well pleased with who I am and what I’ve come to
this relationship is a reflection of all of that
I’m doing really well
I’m so happy with myself”

Feels like a very gentle and productive focus wheel. :) Thank you, Abraham :) and Jerry, and Esther. :)

So sensual :)

Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House – Director’s Cut from Oliver Peoples on Vimeo.

Standpoint of a Deliberate Allower: New Version

Revisioned from here.

“I’m delegating solving this problem to the Universe

and since I, dealing with this contrast, gave birth to something really wonderful in my Vortex,

I will focus on connecting with my Source,
to connect with what I put there in my Vortex,
to feel these wonderful things that I put there,
to feel reconnected with mySelf, the Expanded Version of Me,
with my newly added power.

As long as this contrast still feels like a problem that should be solved,
it simply means that there still are some benefits in my Vortex, which I haven’t connected to, yet.
So I’ll wonder, what they are? how they feel?

And I feel and appreciate my love and my power.”

OMG, such a sweet feeling!!!!! :))

Again, slight difference making great change

In Business Goddess Manifesto:

“I appreciate that business and growth can be easy, creative and fun”

I love in it, that it’s I appreciate instead of I believe, or even of what if.

I’ll take it into my focus wheels.

Gives such a relief

“I choose not for others, I choose only for me, but I condemn others NOT for what they choose.”

from here:

Standpoint of a Deliberate Allower :)

(Inspired by the Placemat process by Abraham-Hicks)

“I’m delegating all the how, where, what, where from, etc. (in short – the physical manifestation, solving of this problem) to the Universe

and since I, dealing with this contrast, gave birth to something really wonderful in my Vortex,

I will focus on connecting with Source,
to connect with what I put there,
to feel these wonderful things that I put there,
to feel reconnected with mySelf, the Expanded Version of Me,
with my newly added power.”

How is that for the manifesto? :))

“It’s a perfect time-space reality, and we would not change a thing”

(“Spiritual Answers for Teens pt 3 (Abraham Hicks)”: video)

* “it’s not your job, the world does not need to be changed”

* “you can regulate all your relationships, independently”

* when thinking, “do I have to do it now?” – there is no alignment to the desire. when in alignment, and inspired to action, wild horses couldn’t keep you from it :)

* “it is amazing, what flimsy excuses people use to be suffering”

30-Day Challenge

(“Abraham-Hicks – 30 Day Challenge”: video)

It’s amazing! Just today, listening to the New Resolve on my walk, I felt a decision forming within me, to commit to just being in the Vortex as much I can, in the following days. It was like “what thoughts would I choose, if being in the Vortex was really my primary intent these days? what activities would I choose? how would I look at what’s happening?”

And now this clip came to me :) Sync! :)