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Wear Your Best Dress to the Grocery Store

such a precious precious post..

Oh this is so good!..

‘..as Bashar would say, “Your world is preparing for a level of unconditional love never before seen on your planet. Even in ancient times in cultures far more connected to spirit than your own, never before have you gone THROUGH the darkness and into the light. And the love, once regained, will be profound. And it will never be lost again.”‘

from The Funkmeyers!

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Not that all the other entries are too general, they’re about me, too, but this one I feel as really personal..

I’m waking up! And it’s so good to have this sweet sensation of waking up to life again. To marketing descriptions, to communicating with people, to marketing my books and services, to showing up. After so much time of not doing it, I feel such a pleasure to feel this desire coming up from inside to do it again. It feels life, joy, openness, happiness. Good to live again. :)

What a mind-relieving thought!

Everything can improve by itself.”

and also:
“I’m looking forward to being all that I love being.”

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