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Online Course “Building Happiness from Inside”

Module 1: Building the Experience for Future Events
Module 2: Healing motives, principles, purposes, revelations, part I
Module 3: Healing motives, principles, purposes, revelations, part II
Module 4: Healing motives, principles, purposes, revelations, part III
Module 5: Healing motives, principles, purposes, revelations, part IV
Module 6: Healing motives, principles, purposes, revelations, part V
Module 7: Self-coaching model and desires coming true
Module 8: Intuition and desires coming true
Module 9: Personal coaching session
Module 10: Our mornings and desires coming true

Building your happiness from inside, with what you are often told to dismiss: your own thoughts. Yes, they can be friends and excellent tools in raising your energy. It’s in your hands, literally. Learn, how :)

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These lectures were a part of Human Light System Course; the course price was $1000, and these lectures accounted for a fourth part of the course, but here exclusively you can pay for them what feels good to you.

When your payment is higher than $160, this course will include a personal coaching session for you, in module 9.


What you see below, was my pre-course webinar (who am I? intuitive, coach and writer, whose passion is in self-coaching, using thoughts & feelings to raise energy).

It was my first webinar ever, and so before it, I was feeling nervous :) Then I started doing some energy/thought processes I spoke about at the webinar, and I felt better, and then I realized, that my nervousness was there because of me having my center, my Home outside of me. So it was a good reminder, to have my stable source of happiness inside.

And what we spoke about: exactly that!
I shared some practical tools that work.

There are many situations in our lives, when we don’t really see physical solutions and don’t know where to go, to gain clarity and to move in the right direction.

When we build it inside, it shifts the outside, too. But I see as the most important how it shifts inside, how much power and joy it gives immediately.

The webinar topics:

Working with light/energy through thoughts
How to solve outside issues from inside, even in hopeless situations
Cultivating, using and enjoying the light within

Enjoy the replay:

watch on YouTube in high quality

mp3 recording

Here’re some resources I spoke about:

Bashar with Parallel Realities: http://www.think-to-feel-better.com/blog/2011/01/billions-of-realities-bashar-abraham/

Abraham-Hicks: http://abraham-hicks.com

There’re lots of video available on YouTube, both by Bashar and Abraham-Hicks.

Focus delight: http://www.think-to-feel-better.com/blog/self-coaching-pages/focus-gym-1/

Inward Quest, the page I read to you: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/94628/i-have-attracted-a-super-unwanted-thing-into-my-reality-what-is-this-showing-me

Inward Quest, my reply on how to align on a walk: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/94537/is-there-a-way-to-stop-the-momentum-of-negative-thoughts-quickly

See you in the course! :)