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33. Having fun with timelines – an unusual approach

Abraham doesn’t approve (doesn’t encourage) setting goals and timelines to them – in the way it’s usually done, anyway, since it brings tension, activating the resistance.

So listening to Tony Robbins’ “Personal Power” now, I was reluctant at first to setting both goals and timelines to them. And with both of them I realized, that when I do it with “what must happen,” “what I’m committed to make happen,” “what I’m setting myself to achieve,” “when it will happen” – it clearly brings tension and is not beneficial in the allowing part.

But when I make it about fun – “what would be fun for me to have?” and “when I would want to have it – tomorrow, today, the day after tomorrow,..?” – then it becomes fun, easy, I’m feeling playful in the process.

I’m not setting myself in it to the daily tension of “oh, this timeline is getting closer, will it manifest? what efforts should I apply to surely make it happen? will I be able to trust myself, if it doesn’t happen? will I feel like a failure? will I stop these processes, all together, as they’re only frustrating for me?”

But when I’m asking myself, when I would want it – today or tomorrow, – I guess, for the rational mind it’s so overwhelming, that it doesn’t spoil the party, and I’m feeling excited – both in asking, and in answering.

Possibly, also when I enter the mode of deciding when I should have it – in a month, a year, wherever, – I enter the zone of wobbling, as I don’t know, which resources, how to make it happen, etc.

When I say, when I’m ready to play with it, then it’s only about my alignment with it, my interest in it.

I guess, it then becomes purely about desiring (as AH say, that pure desire – is becoming aware of new delicious possibilities).

So, if you wish to taste it this way, – let’s have fun!

By the way, I was thinking-feeling, what it would better be called in the first column – desire? goal? what’s in my Vortex?

I found, that to those different questions I get different answers! Maybe because I have a feeling, that in the Vortex I have what I already thought about, got an experience with, – and when Tony asks, what goals I’d like to set, absolutely wildly, anything I want, then it opens me to some new horizons.

Also, what I added to the process – I fill the left column in the present time.

And, thinking about it a bit, I added one more column: with the feelings.

As always, I give an example in the first lines, to get some momentum going.

Are you up to it? Let’s have fun!!! :)

Step 1

More thoughts for this step:

Step 2: the list

Desire, goal, what's in my Vortex: When it will be the most convenient for me to have it; when I feel quite ready to have fun with it: How it feels to me, having it; what I love in it the most; how I walk, talk, breathe, smile, when having it:

I wonder what column could make this process even more powerful and enjoyable. Do you have an idea?

Now, if you’re feeling any better, celebrate it! :)
Give yourself credit for it.
Bask in this sweet relief, this renewed confidence, this easiness of being.
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