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Power of Vulnerability

(It’s amazing: I just heard the clip, not on YouTube, not knowing its title, and started to write this post, naming it so. Then I found the clip on YouTube to post it here, and guess what its title was. :) These sweet little sync’s, these confirmations.. ahh.. :))

(“TEDTalks, Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability”: video)

So much for Abraham’s “Confidence comes not from experience, but from alignment.” All that she says about those people who feel surrounded with love, and what Abraham said about being moderate about the Vortex, and what raising the vibration does….. I love this recognizing the pattern feeling..

If to think, what vulnerability really is? – giving in to the unfolding, isn’t it? Tending to the center, to the basis, letting the outcome be.

“To tell the story of who you are, with your whole heart.”

By the way, I found the clip here, at Goddess Leonie’s website. I wanted to tell you about her long long time ago, but coming to it only now.. well, better late than never.

What I wanted to show you, were three emails from Leonie, that I so enjoyed. She wrote them several weeks ago, preparing her new email course for Business Goddesses and then announcing it to the world. Do you feel how much sunshine she is? :)

(I’m sure you’re as much sunshine, too. :) I just love sharing these pieces of sunny-ness, touching them, feeling them.. It’s interesting.. I now thought, what do I so love in this her sunny-ness? – vulnerability. No guardedness. Openness to maybe even critics.. everything. Openness to love. To fully expressing self. Truly, “who you really are with your whole heart”. :))

Letter 1:

Business Goddess countdown & Q&A

Posted: 24 Apr 2011 11:38 PM PDT

Hola my gorgeous goddesses,

Thank you SO SO much for all your interest in the Become a Business Goddess e-course.

I’m just *so* delighted & over the moon at all the interest & enrolments!

I’ve poured everything I can into this course… it’s definitely been the biggest creation I’ve ever made.

I so see us sitting together in circle… and have been asked so many questions by goddesses, so here’s ze answers incase you were wondering!

I really want to be a Business Goddess… but have NO IDEA what I want to do yet. Will this course help?

Definitely, definitely, definitely. It will inspire the heck out of you & pump you FULL of ideas of what’s possible. Plus there’s worksheets in there on how to work out your gift, and case studies of a heap of gods & goddesses doing a myriad of rainbow things.

So you’ll start dreaming & working out what it is you DO want to do… and then when you’re ready, it’ll give you the practical how-to’s as well.

What will it cover?

There’s over 150 pages of wisdom + genius + experience + love in this baby. All the business goddess goodness you could need.

Class 1:

The Blueprint of how I did it: all ze juicy goss

Want to know how I went from art hobby barely-making-money goddess to business goddess earning over $100k a year?

This is my story. With pretty pictures.

Bonus: How to create your business while you are working full time.

Class 2:

8 Ways to make Money Online

Includes how to come up with the content, how to make them happen & how to make them SUCCESSFUL:

  • E-books.
  • E-courses.
  • Coaching.
  • Webinars & teleseminars.
  • Audio programs.
  • Being an affiliate.
  • Creating your own affiliate program (& how to rock the buggery out of it!)
  • Selling & marketing your art/books/stuff online.

And this one is chockfulla bonuses:

  • Why you need income streams (SO important!).
  • How to create videos.
  • How to record meditations.
  • How to create & sell art prints.
  • Things to try when your art isn’t selling.
  • How to self publish a book or CD.

Class 3:

The Practical Parts

All the essential left brain stuff you need to wrap yourself around to be a Business Goddess:

  • How to create your website
  • How to write brilliantly for your website
  • 5 things you must do write now for your website
  • How to price your stuff profitably & joyfully
  • How to set up your techie bits: e-junkie, Paypal & a mailing list provider.

Class 4:

100 Ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously

So this is the big mama of the course. Marketing is the single most important thing you need to do in order to have a successful, sustainable business.


  • Things to do every day to build your business
  • How to increase your subscribers
  • How to rock your mailing list
  • How to make exquisite & dobleros-making sales pages
  • Being a social media goddess: Facebook, Twitter & all the rest
  • How to guest post like a goddess
  • How to earn more from your emails
  • Marketing Goddess worksheets.

Plus, you know… a bazillion more tips. This is one magic class you’ll use over & over again whenever you need to market your beautiful business.

Class 5:

How to stay sane & joyful when business gets BUSY

Once you are flying as a Business Goddess… there’s SO many lessons to learn about staying sane and joyful and happy.

I downloaded all the big wisdom and huge lessons I’ve learned along the way.


  • How to stop burning out
  • How to be okay about putting yourself out there
  • How to stop freaking out & start turning up
  • How to keep your business soulful & inline with your spirit
  • How to be okay with making mistakes.


Profiles of Business Gods & Goddesses

Their stories. Their incredibly sage business advice. All in a kit.

Includes some of my favourite business gods & goddesses:

  • Fabeku Fatunmise (sound shaman)
  • Jenn Lee (author & creativity coach)
  • Chris Zydel (expressive arts teacher)
  • Kimberly Wilson (yogi, clothing designer & author)
  • Leah Piken Kolidas (artist)
  • Marissa Bracke (happy business helper)
  • Jamie Ridler (blogger, podcaster & creative maven)
  • Julie Stuart (graphic facilitator)
  • and more!!!

It’s like an angel tribe of business advisors in your pocket. REALLY powerful stuff.


The Magic Money Maker kit

I’ve had goddesses JUST use this kit and meet their money goals within A MONTH. When they totally couldn’t even see how it was possible before.

It’s a money + marketing worksheet that works like miracles and magic. I know because this is the system I use!!!

TA DA!!!!! That’s it!!!!! ALLLLL the magic & love & business wisdom I could pour into one course!!!!

Perfect for goddesses whether they are starting or already flying!

Who is it for? & how long will it go for?

However long you need. I’m going to give you ALL the course materials on Day One (aka May 1st) – so that you can start diving in right at the places that you need. Maybe you really need to work out right now what you want to do. Maybe you really need practical how-to assistance right now. Maybe you are ahankering for some brilliant marketing ideas. Maybe you are already business-ing it up and you are ready to flip your lid because it’s overwhelming.

There are specific classes for each of these. And you’ll get them all at once.

And then as for how long you’ll take to do the course?

You might read through it all at once. Or dip in where you need. You might go through each class week by week, or as you complete each stage of your business.

What I super duper hope though is that you’ll just keep referring back to it – every single time you need marketing juju or business wisdom or stay-sane sageness.

Can I payment plan it?

If you buy the Business Goddess e-course as a single package for $79 – niet, sorry my love, I don’t have payment plans for that.

BUT! I do if you are a Goddess Circle member. It’s only $99 – and you get the Business Goddess e-course PLUS everrrrrrything else I’ve created (e-courses, meditation kits, workbooks). AND a year round online sanctuary to connect with other Goddess sisters. AND you’ll also have access to the Business Goddess Circle so you can brainstorm it up in there!

To do payment plans for the Goddess Circle, just head over here. It’s $33 a month for 3 months.

How do I make the most out of the course?

You know what? You’re going to do this course. And you’ll do it magnificently, my love.

You’ll join up with your Goddess sisters in the Business Goddess Circle, and you’ll do the course together, and you’ll brainstorm up wild ideas, and you’ll MAKE IT HAPPEN. You’ll write furious lists in your To Do List book. Then you’ll go through and tick them off, step by step, miracle by miracle.

I’ll be there. Your Business Goddess sisters will be there. We’ll be tribe-ing it up, encouraging each other & dreaming up exceptional things together.

Because that’s what women do. That’s what we’ve always done.

Start date?

MAY 1! MAY 1! MAY 1!

The perfect time for making big dreams come true, me thinks.


SO! My loves! Do you have any other questions about the Business Goddess e-course, or about business stuff in general that I can help out with? I’ll leave the comments open for you to ask – and will help as much as I can!!!

I’m wishing you the most precious, joyful, sacred day of all…


Letter 2:

A message to all members of Goddess Circle

Hello my loves!!!!

IT IS HERE!!!! A day or two early… because I wanted to give it to you so you could dive into it this weekend!!!

It’s been 18 months in the making… 190+ pages… I’ve poured everything I could into this course… it’s MAMMOTH. And beautiful. And powerful.

The Become a Business Goddess e-course!!!


Please do use the Business Goddess Circle to work through it/brainstorm/share/connect with your business goddess tribe..

I would love love LOVE to know what you think of it dearest… I’m desperately in need of some testimonials so if you feel called to sing about this course, that would be so so deeply helpful.

And most of all… may this be incredibly helpful and powerful and inspiring to you… as you share your gifts with the world, and walk the path of being a business goddess.

SO much love and gladness and gratitude in my heart for the journey that’s brought me here…


love, love, love,

Goddess Leonie

Letter 3:

How reading Mills & Boon will make you create more!

Posted: 02 May 2011 02:52 AM PDT

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Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

So you’ve been riding wild donkeys, creating up a magical storm, making your dreams come true. Working those beautiful fingers of yours until they were calloused, eyes red rimmed & weary.

What to do next?

How on earth do you keep your creative well filled so you can get inspired again & create even more?

I’m kinda an expert on this one.

I create a LOT of stuff.

I’ve also burnt myself out – to a thin salty crisp.

Having been there and eaten that very sucky enchilada, I am 100% sure I’m na-na-never going to do it to myself again.

How to replenish the well

Enter Leonie’s extreme attentiveness to her creative (& soul’s) well & how to replenish it.

You might be expecting my list of self care to look a little something like this:

  • Take a deep breath (or 4 bazillion)
  • Long baths in lavender scented waters & Himalayan crystal salt (harvested only by monks OF COURSE)
  • Elaborate ritual requiring the nads of a rare tropical bird and the collected sweat-dew from a virgin man.


My god I’m silly today. Anyways. I’m sitting here in an Irish pub pissing myself laughing.

SO! Let’s continue!!!

What do I do when I run out of those dang bird ands & willing crystal salt monk miners?


(are you ready for this?)






You’ve done your work. That’s great.


And there’s more to do… but right now?

It’s brain-holiday time. Before you start frying yourself.

Time to de-marinate. Give your brain cells a rest.

Stop trying.pushing.striving.to-doing.

Stop everything that makes sense.

And do something ridiculously, gloriously off centre.

So the thing on my to-do list?

I read one terrible (but wonderful, you know how it is) chick lit book every weekend.

I might be a soulful goddess with a bookcase filled with every new age book under the sun… but when it comes to a mind break?

I read the trashiest that our local little woodthatched library has to offer. Chick lit novels that never waver from the scent of predictability, blandly magical kid’s movies and – oh yes – Mills & Boon. The perfect of mind switch.

The last one I read?

I can’t believe I’m admitting this publicly, but you won’t tell anyone right? We is goddess sisters! We keep our secrets!

“Greek Husband, Otherworldly Wife.”

Resplendent with EXACTLY the image you imagine in your mind. Shirtless olive Fabio clutching woman who is apparently standing in cyclone as evidenced by the windswept nature of hair.

Let’s take a moment to imagine it…

or longer than a moment. (Take whatever time you need, sweetheart *winky wink!*)

I guffawed and chuckled and sniffled and gigglesnorted through the whole thing.

It’s absolutely NOT what I “should” be doing… and yet… it’s perfect. It’s just the perfect amount of silly + giggles + gushing that this sweet soul of mine needs.

It was the equivalent of a Hawaii beach holiday glugging down pineapple margaritas.

Oddly refreshing and strangely satisying.

So here it is. Monday. And I’m sitting in the pub (the only place open on this public holiday), writing you very silly love letters… precisely because my well is full again.

Want to know the wisdom I’m trying to impart in 3.4 seconds?

Give yourself a mind holiday, darling. Go to the Caribbean. What can you do to slurp down a mango slushie & lounge in the tropical sun for your brain?

You can be as dull and sloth-like as you like. You are the boss of your own well darling. You can experiment with what fills you. It doesn’t have to LOOK sacred. It only needs to be whatever it is you need right now.

Even when that means an olive Fabio.



love you long time,
goddessleonie How reading Mills & Boon will make you create more!