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ABC Game

g – getting it! :)

ABC Game continued

Continuing the ABC Game.

I heard in one clip, that Esther adds to it “When I’m in the Vortex, I feel..”: it makes the feeling much more real. And indeed :) so here we are:

a – I feel admiring & admired, appreciating, adorable, adored, adoration (I love to repeat it.. such a wonderful feeling), amazed, amping-up-on-my-excitement :)

b – I feel blessed, I’m basking, I’m beautiful, I feel beauty (everywhere)

c – I feel creative, calm, confident

d – I feel dear, darling, desire-as-recognition-of-new-possibilities

e – I feel ease, excitement (that amazing spark within), elation, emotional, emerged, embraced, embracing

f – I feel friendly, I feel fucked :), I feel family, flowers-greeting-me-from-everywhere, fulfilled

g – I feel gorgeous, I feel good, I feel Goddess :), gem, gentle, generous, giggling, gravitating-naturally-to-good-feeling-things

h – I feel harmonious, happy, hilarious

s – I feel sure, secure, smiles, success, sifting-through-life-without-fear-being-on-top-of-the-world, satisfied

to be continued :)

Beautiful video

Appreciating what is, what we’ve got :)

“One day we’re gonna get so high!”

reminded me of
“Don’t mind where I am, Watch where I’m going” – Max Wellspring, an EFT practitioner