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ABC Game – new word

Kiting! Here’s a photo I took this Friday at our sea:

Kiting in the sea

This word SO puts me in the Vortex! :)

A twist on Focus Wheeling, that helps me A LOT! :)

Hi all,

I want to share with you the way I’m doing focus wheel-ing, Positive Aspects and finding-the-Vortex-feeling, all at once.

It started with me wanting to find a more effective, easy, pleasant way to do the focus wheels. And oh do I love this new way :)

I take a paper and put it landscape-like. Then divide it to three columns:
Focus wheel: (the left one)
What’s good now: (the middle one) and
In the Vortex: (the right one).

Then I start filling it, in whatever column feels easier now. For example, on health, in the left column I write line after line, what I would write in the “real”, cirlcled, focus wheel. In the middle I write all that is good in my life now, it doesn’t have to be on health!

Sometimes, it’s much easier to start in this middle column, writing all kinds of good things in my life, not related to health at all – sometimes, when I’m really down, I just start to write all I see around me – grass green, trees beautiful, I’m going in a transport I love the speed of, etc. And at some point, “a tipping point” :)), I suddenly feel some relief with a thought on health, that I can write to the left column (the Focus Wheel).

To the right column (In the Vortex), after listening the Guided Meditations CD, I add “(what I’m supposed to satisfy)” :) meaning, “you’re supposed to satisfy your dreams” :))

And I write there all how I feel and what’s in the Vortex on my subject of health: “I feel healthy, sure, confident both in my now and my future. I feel vibrant, I feel so much energy, I’m walking uphill and feel so thrilled by my body’s ease in it. I feel calm and sure. All my body’s experiences bring me joyful thoughts. I love me, we’re in harmony – me and my body. I’m free to decide what to do. I’m acting on my inspiration. I’m absolutely healthy and I know it.”

Sometimes, when I’m doing these tables day by day on the same subject of health, I feel “nu, why to write again the same things in The Vortex column”, but then I remember how many times I’m thinking “bad” thoughts during the day, and write again the same with much more desire. :)

I just found that it’s so easier for me, to do it this way. In the end, I’m just looking for, finishing every column – so that they all be filled.

Other things that I sometimes do during filling the focus wheel, it eases a lot:

* breathing deeply;
* giving myself Reiki;
* reading over what’s in The Vortex circle or column;
* asking myself “Do I choose to be unhappy or happy now?”
* deciding “I’m NOT going to try to fix the situation now, I’m going to enjoy it TO THE FULLEST!”
* asking myself “Do I attempt to improve the situation now in order for me to look at it improved and feel better? There is a simpler way”

And which twists on Focus Wheeling do you have? Please share!!

Love to you all!!!!

P.S. Here’s an example of the table I did on my health today, to illustrate: Continue reading