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Looking back, I’ll understand it

Just overheard a lecture by Bayless Conley, where he was saying that only looking back could Josef see the path God was taking them by. That being there, in the situation itself, it looked all confusing, lost, it looked like every event was taking them farther from their goal. Only looking back, would they be able to see how God really shifted masses of people and events, to take them where they had to arrive. B.C. says, “God starts with the end in mind.”

And also, an interesting thing he added: that on this path, God used the jealousy of others, “egotistical plans” of others, etc., to bring Josef and his family where they should have arrived.

Now, for me now, all those “sinner”, “egotistical”, “bad” words, in terms of judgment, are quite far from my heart (and even mind). But there is so much that I took from this overheard lecture. Like:

  • when I’m on my path now, it may also be confusing, and I may not see how exactly the path is taking me to what I want.

    But looking back on my life before, I see situations, where only now, when those paths came to some logical ending, I can see how they took me to a better feeling life. During the situation I couldn’t know it, I was all confused and in despair.

  • what if no matter where I go and what I do on my way, no matter if I deem that right or wrong, good or bad, it’s still taking me to what I’ll enjoy, to what I intended it to be? (my Inner Being surely confirms it with a warm, pleasant feeling.. :))
  • how I overheard it – I was just wandering through TV channels (even though usually I don’t watch TV), before I switch it to a DVD I intended to watch. And I was feeling like “nu, what are you doing?..” And in that feeling I heard this piece of lecture that told me so much. Like, what do I know at all about if I’m doing the right or wrong thing and where I can get what I want??

    And also, that “God will use all the events on the way, to do what is intended”: that on this path, I guess, my intentions to feel good, to understand what I’m about to understand to feel better, was so strong, that the Universe, or God, or my World, or however I call it – they used it, too, to bring to me what I want.

    So maybe, when I’m so debating with myself, trying to decide what to do, what if all these things I do, are not that important?.. and even what I deem as a mistake, can be used on my path, if I’m going with the end in mind, to bring me where I want?

    this “with the end in mind” feels for me like.. feeling ALL that I am, with all of me, with all my senses, just being it

    reminding me how some procrastination I deemed bad (far from my heart and mind, huh?), brought to me the person I love..

    this surely takes some weight off from my decisions and judgments..

    and that’s a relief!!!! woo hoo!! :)))

Nice feeling, I feel much much better now. :)
Which I send with my love to you, too. :)
Have a great, wonderful day, full of great surprises!!
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