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ABC Game

This time adding “I feel” as AH recommended,
and this is for my beloved, for us together:

I feel admired by you
I feel blessing you with my presence; beautiful to you
I feel creating in you excitement
I feel dear to you
I feel exciting, embraced by you
I feel fine, feminine, I feel funny things happening around us
I feel gorgeous to you, Goddess for you; I feel glad we met
I feel happy with you
I feel ideal to you
I feel jumpy, jolly with you
I feel keen loving focus of yours
I feel loved by you
I feel magnified beauty of mine in your eyes
I feel next to you; nibbling on your ear :)
I feel open to you
I feel plenty of good things around us; I feel precious to you
I feel queen for you
I feel rare jewel for you; I feel ready to give it to you
I feel sexy, sensitive, sensual, stylish, slightly blushed :)
I feel tempting for you
I feel unique for you
I feel valuable for you; very-very sweet & sexy
I feel wonderful for you
I feel xhilarated by your presence
I feel yes-yes-yes for you
I feel zipper of yours falling open :); I feel zooming out all the world around us, it’s just the two of us……

What a blessed feeling………… :)) Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!

Integrating Self with All That Is, or Why we may want controlling others

“Choosing the positively manifesting reality will be integrating yourself with All That Is, whereas knowing yourself as separate from All That Is creates an idea of isolation that does not allow you to feel your connection to All That Is. This leads to the need to dominate. For when you separate your self from All That Is, controlling and dominating others is perhaps the only way you will feel you can collect what you see around you, to you.” — Bashar, “Blueprint for Change: A Message from Our Future”

This explains to me so much.. like, why we want to get something – we just intuitively know, that we should be connected to it, and so we’re trying to create the connection, the way and using the tools we know. So, getting what I want – this is why releasing the resistance to it, with focus wheels or anything, feels as good as getting it physically, – because it is connecting to it, restoring the full me. Expanding (thus creating a new part of me) and then connecting with that part of me, fully. Wow..