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I realized now,

rising the emotional guidance scale, why AH (and Bashar) said not to manipulate the outcome: it’s like cheating, putting a sticker on a gas gauge, while I can naturally and fully rise inside. I can rise and feel, and celebrate, it’s amazing.

The new energies come with great help, also as a permission slip: now we can live new possibilities (Jupiter), organized into practical life (Saturn), I love how Bashar explains it here:

Magic question

How does it get any better than this? :)

(“Fia – Magic Question”: video)

Hallelujah, indeed!

Just, wow! Listen in your headphones, to get the full beauty, and the hug of this performance.

And did you see, how they implemented percussion?

Just, wow :)

(“Hallelujah ~ Pentatonix”: video)

So absolutely delicious

Liz Gilbert shares her side of the processes, her view of life and what can bring the Big Magic.

I think it’s must-listen for everyone who even a bit lives or strives to live a creative life.

(“Elizabeth Gilbert & Marie Forleo on Fear, Authenticity and Big Magic”: video)

“Live every day as if

you lived your whole life towards this day.” ~ someone on the Internet

How powerful, isn’t it?

Tender :)

(“Hushabye Mountain – Stacey Kent”: video)

One of my favorite songs :)

(“Katie Noonan ~ Crazy”: video)

Christmas mood :)

(“Chris Rea – Driving home for christmas”: video)

Life is definitely wonderful – Jason Mraz :)

(“Life is Wonderful – Jason Mraz”: video)

Beautiful :)