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A subtle difference, bringing great power

“until I let somebody else to help me stop the flow” – v.s.
“until I used somebody else as my reason to stop the flow”

mp3: Abraham-Hicks ~ Embracing Step One

The chance will come

“I’ll study and get ready and then the chance will come.” — Abraham Lincoln

“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.” — O.S. Marden

I love it how Abraham says that there is no such thing as you showing up in your dock and seeing your ship gone: there will always be an another ship, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another, and another..

“I love wanting it”

Yesterday, I heard in a clip about writing a book:

that instead of blaming myself and worrying (because of not being able to lay it down, what I feel and know and want to say), instead of it I can focus on the pleasure of the knowing itself, of having these thoughts that I want to go into the book, of containing this all, by itself.

So filling in the questionnaire at Prosperity Game, I suddenly felt it – that I love wanting the abundance, the feeling of the summoning in it, the feeling of “more”. I do love it!! What a great feeling :)

Maybe the warmness of this feeling, of the pleasure of having this wanting now, is in particular about getting pleasure from what is.

Reminded me also, how Abraham-Hicks suggested, when writing positive aspects, and wanting to find positive aspects about yourself, but not finding any, to write “I want to find some positive aspects in me” – as a positive aspect.

Take what is, and use it..

What’s in your name

“Do you believe in name meanings?” – if being asked that, I wouldn’t be able to give a definite answer. But someone, some time ago, shared with me this link:


saying, that it gives amazingly close meanings, to the characteristics of people she tested.

So I tried it, and saw it, too: when I entered the names of people I knew, it gave the characteristics for each one of them, that I would say are most closely defining them. Like, if I were given a list of unusual characteristics, and a list of my friends, and had to say who is who, it would be the same.

More than that: when I entered names, how my family calls me, and my full name, and my shorter name, the differences were the exact differences that I was feeling!!

Try it if you like it, tell me how it was. :)

Prosperity Game, or how much time am I really feeling what I want to live?

Yesterday, having heard in The exhilaration of alignment something about the Law of Attraction and it bringing to me what I am a match to (like, so many times I heard it, but this time I really heard it), I thought: but how much time of my day, really, am I a match to what I want to live? Not a lot..

So I played a little imagining what I’d like to be, do, have, and today old emails brought to me this wonderful excerpt from Elyse Hope Killoran’s Prosperity Game introduction:

“Have you logged in to play the Prosperity Game today?


Message from Elyse:

You need not limit your purchases to things. You can receive great joy
from investing in experiences as well!


Travel, theater, buying art, creating a museum…

Swim with dolphins, hike the Appalachian trail, parasail…

Personal growth:
Invest in books, tapes, seminars, personal coaching, weekend

Classes in cooking, language, parenting, investing…

Physical development:
Join a gym, study yoga, hire a golf pro, study martial arts…

Time savings:
Mother’s helper, cleaning service, riding mower, bill paying

Professional advice:
Interior designer, financial planner, career counselor,

Family and friends:
Reunion weekends, cruise with friends, vacation time share…

Self Pampering:
Spa, massage, aromatherapy, weekly flower delivery…”

So I was re-inspired to play it again. :) Went there, resubscribed, and now I’m spending my first $100 there. It’s fun and really, such wonderful feelings!

the pleasure of once have been doing things to FIX, and now returning to them, feeling the difference in everyday feeling, and doing them for FEELING. what a great difference..

have a great day! :))

Segment intending and focusing at the tasks at hand: getting the most from what I’m doing

Regarding from focusing on tasks at hand.

I’m practicing now segment intention, it’s where I’m at with Abraham-Hicks’s Workbook Calendar.

And I noticed, that when I, before my meal, for example, set my intentions (to enjoy the food, and for each cell of mine to get what it wants, and after the meal feel this flat stomach, when I’m sated and feel like, I’ve given my body what it had to have to not just survive, but thrive, feel that pride and satisfaction and pleasure of having done something good for myself, feeling that I’m up and going), then it’s a pleasure to continue to focus on these intentions, play these wonderful feelings again and again, during the meal itself, and then I don’t feel this boredom I used to feel during the meals, when my mind wandered somewhere else, and the stomach felt bad in the end. I feel then wonderful during the meal and afterwards (ah, these intentions for feelings! They do manifest immediately, and it’s such a pleasure! :))

So maybe, when I continue the segment intention and practice more, I will indeed focus at the tasks at hand, not going somewhere else?

By the way, my feelings and I think the mind were so engaged in this re-playing the intended feelings, that I felt no urge to wander with my thoughts elsewhere. Ah, how good it is to play these games and practice! It’s like, molding my own life, right before my eyes. :)

Good day to you!! :))

Gratitude Exercise – I love it!

It teaches to ask the questions, doesn’t it? :)

Delicious way to start a day with. :)
Have a happy day! or, as Gary Evans says it, “Create a happy day!”