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My coaching: helps you do what you want to do, easily and with fun

Dear Friend,

I am a stand for you,
that all you desire, you can have in your physical reality.

And I can help you to not even achieve, but allow it.
I’m here to help you discover a joyful, exciting path to it, starting now, even when it currently hurts like hell and looks dark.

Since the work always is in you getting into alignment, I provide coaching sessions in a wide range of ..projects. :)

I provide intuitive consulting and coaching. It can be just intuitive consulting, if you wish only to get from me the reading of your current energy on some subject: what is of help for you, what makes you stuck, and ways for you to resolve, achieve, allow; or we can also then work together on bringing you closer to where you want to be.

The coaching sessions then go like this:

  1. You intend to do your alignment. With all your heart.
  2. You define your payment, and then you pay a little less. :) Why:
    • If you want to pay more than the sum I’d define (it happened), why would I limit you? :)
    • I don’t believe that your work will be productive if you’re forced to pay more than you feel like paying, if you feel that you’re in some way doing yourself a disservice by taking this sum out.
    • I know that I get my abundance anyway, not more and not less than my vibration defines. So I free you up from thinking about me when you’re deciding how much to pay.
    • On one hand, you may want to pay less. On the other, – people tend to work more seriously & more effectively, the more they pay for the session. Only you know how important your project is for you.
    • Usually, at the beginning of the session you decide which project you will be working on during the session, and so how much to pay. Because with different topics, the sum varies, too (not for me, for you).
    • Why a little less? Because once you decide on a certain sum, and then I offer you to pay a little less, you will still work as effectively as for the sum you decided, but this discount – you will feel it as a little gift, and it will set the tone, the motto, for the session.
  3. You do the work. You’re the driving force, I’m only helping you.
  4. I teach you my techniques (if you wish, it enables you then to align more easily on your own). Since I get a lot of practice on doing vibrational work, there’s a great variety to choose from, to find what suits you the best.

    I read energies, I deeply feel you, it makes it easy for me to feel where you are and what could help you the best; precision is my pleasure in all this play.

  5. I love you, and I’m doing my vibrational work to hold the image of Who You Really Are both for me and you. It makes it so much easier for you, too, to hold that image and go for it.

To order a coaching session, write to me.
I love you. :)

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