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How to get these blog posts to your Evernote, automated

There’re two possibilities:

  1. Through ifttt.com’s special recipe: when it notices a new entry in the blog, it will add a note to your Evernote.

    You can also create by yourself a recipe, using a Feed trigger and an Evernote action: then you will be able not only to add a new note, but to update an existing one, add specific tags, customized title, or choose more variations that would suit you.

    In this case you will need to enter a Feed URL for this blog, it is http://www.think-to-feel-better.com/blog/feed/.

  2. Using the Feedburner subscription that is often used as an email subscription to blog entries.

    This is much simpler:

    1. Find your Evernote special email address (different from your account Evernote email address): go to Evernote settings and find there the email address they give you next to “Email Notes to” (not “Email”).
    2. Click on this link and enter there the email address you got in the previous step.
    3. Find in Evernote a new note “Activate your Email Subscription to: Allowing Life :)” – click on a link in that note, and you will confirm the subscription.

The second way is obviously simpler, if you never used ifttt services before, but the first you can also use to get to your Evernote posts from any other blog and any other feed – very convenient then to read them all offline, all in one place.

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