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Self-love and the mirror techniques

“look into your eyes and find there your Inner Being looking at you” – works for me quite well these days.

Earlier I tried Louise Hay’s technique, or at least how I understood it: looking in the mirror and trying to love all I see there. It was hard, I was so judging, that when it finished, I felt so bad..

Then I tried Louise Hay’s technique from “Heal Your Life”, looking in the mirror and just paying attention which feelings arise, which voices speak and if it’s similar to what my parents told me (by the way, I’ve got really loving parents, they are just perfectionists, like me :)).

And now, with this clip from Abraham-Hicks, I’m so basking in self love, both during listening to it, and after, when looking in the mirror..

I feel calmed, I feel loved, I feel loving, I feel this “love that IS self”..

Here’re some more citations from it that I so love:

“when you get it, that while it feels good to be loved, nothing feels better in all of the Universe, than to love.”

“as you look out with the intention of finding love, don’t look for love through their eyes, look for the connection through your eyes.”

“let it be, ‘love of whatever I can feel appreciation of’.

and as you just begin to tune yourself first to the things that are easy to appreciate, and then to the things that are obvious to appreciate, and then as you begin looking for things to appreciate, you begin to tune yourself into a vibrational alignment with Who You Really Are about things that are easier for you to love.”

“you go home today and sit before a mirror, and sit there, and look into the depth of your eyes, and look with the intention of seeing your Inner Being looking back at you.”

“this love you’re looking for, is not love of self, it’s love that IS self, and there is a difference between loving me and being me who loves.

and it’s being me who loves that is really you.

and when you’re me who loves, it’s easy to love that one, and that one, and that one, and then it becomes irrelevant, what object of your love is, if you’re loving.”

“Q: why is it so hard for me to look at myself with love?

A: because you’re looking for love focused at you, rather than looking for love that is focused through you.”

“in your awareness of not loving self, you can’t find self-love”

“we don’t want you to let what’s happening in terms of a manifestation to be a criteria for how you feel”

“I love the feeling of loving you, and how you feel about me is irrelevant”

“it’s the true living of life, and self-love is so evident there”

“if it were not for your comparison of yourself to others”

“you conclude that others are already living what you want, and you’re not”

“you use their success as the club that works against you”

“here Source is, over here, loving you with everything that it is, and of course it is the quest, that you’re most wanting to answer”

“what Source wants to say to you, is that the love that you hold for yourself in any moment, is enough. In fact, it’s the perfect love, under the conditions in which you’re living.

It is enough, it’s just right. Where you are on your path, is just exactly right, it’s exactly where you should be on your path.”

“here’s a good thing to say to yourself:

‘Even though for whatever reason I don’t like myself very much right now, I know that I have not caused Source to deviate in Source’s appreciation of me at all.

I have not convinced Source not to love me. Source would never ever ever ever ever do that.’

Source maintains its absolute appreciation of you. And as you know that, maybe it will help you give yourself a little more of a break.

Maybe it will help you to acknowledge, ‘I’m in the perfect place relative to everything, even relative to self-love’.”

(“Abraham Hicks ♥ Your Never-Ending Quest ♥”: video | mp3)

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