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If you ever have doubts..

..this quote is one of the most helpful for me.
Always, when I was listening to the guru that said “research your market and find what they need and what would succeed, and then follow it” – I felt resistance to it, I felt it wasn’t quite my path. I loved it so much more when Bashar said, “there is no one-side coin in this Universe: if you want to do something, then there’re people that want it in this exact way you want to create it” (not a precise quote, but still :))

And this quote below so clarifies it all..
Here it is:

“You can have a potentially wonderful business
and feel fearful
or you can have a potentially wonderful business
and feel hopeful.

And the difference between fearful and hopeful
makes the difference between
how fast it will be a wonderful business.

You could choose a business that almost everybody fails at
and you could take an emotional journey where you think you will succeed,

and in the business that almost everybody fails at
you could have an ENORMOUS SUCCESS
because you took an emotional journey
and got yourself in the place of expectation” ~ AH

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