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Story of money and big life changes

Also, test on which type of personality you are regarding money, is inside.

And the story goes like this:

I was working in Comverse, a company that for several years now was firing, firing, firing.. Several years I continued to hold on, but the moment came, when it came to me, too: my bosses announced, that no matter what they did, our department had to reduce by such number of people, that I had to go, too.

In one course about money I heard that there’re two different types of people: those for whom the left brain hemisphere is dominant, and those with the right one.

If you want to make an interesting experiment I learned there, take a piece of paper and write down ~ 30 words, associated for you with big money coming to you.

Then read forward. If you wish to play, of course. :)

Now, count how many nouns are there and how many verbs.

What our lecturer told us, was that left-brainers need more stability in their life. And so, their list is mostly nouns: things, pool, house, business, calm stable life etc. Right-brainers are more delighted with the process, and so their lists are full with verbs: to go, travel, do, develop, project etc.

For left-brainers crysis is then time of great panic: all the world around them is crashing. For right-brainers, it’s time of great opportunities: all is changing, what an excitement! :) They can’t quite understand each other. :) And so, left-brainers are those for whom crysis is a time of great stress and panic and losing. For right-brainers crysis is the time of thriving (of course, they associate this time of changes with big money coming in).

Ah, and how the money comes in is also different – for left-brainers it’s more tending to come in quite stable chunks, like salary etc. And to the right-brainers it comes more in a flow, for example like in a business, flowing steadily from all kinds of directions.

(So, which type are you? :))

When I made my list then, it was mostly nouns. Well, did it ever surprise me :) Then I went to my friends – it worked! By the way, by statistics, as that lecturer told us, 6 out of 7 people are left-brainers.

You may ask, if there’s then some way to move closer to the right-brainers, if you’re a left one. And it is! The exercise is to sit for 15 minutes or more if you can :) and write about money in verbs only. Whatever you want to write (I guess, positive is still better), but only in verbs. Then compare, how you feel regarding money and changes in life.

So, – in that story I started to tell earlier, with my company and me needing to go away, – I felt like my world was crashing around me. I felt like .. like I was trained to just be this way – to do what some authority says to me, in order for this authority to provide for me. And now this authority was going away, so what would I do!! I was in panic. My boss tried to tell me, that it was ME who was important here, because it was because of MY value that they paid me. It made me think..

I felt like I was about to make some changes in the way I feel about me and the world, but I didn’t know if I have any time for this change. I was very afraid of what’s coming.

I did the exercise above, it made me feel better about changes. In parallel, the physical circumstances continued to evolve: my bosses said, that because I was such a valued employee, they would want to find for me a position in a different department of our company. There was no guarantee, that it would be found, but still, it was some hope, but still, there was no guarantee…..

I had several days then to sit home and try to come to my senses. And I remember I was lying on a sofa with my eyes closed, listening to the movie [amazon_link id=”B001ECWCEU” target=”_blank” ]Tuning In[/amazon_link] (have you seen it? it’s amazing), asking myself the same question over and over again: “what is that wrong belief, that causes me to feel such stress, pain and panic?”

Both AH and Bashar (the two teachers I love) (by the way, Sue, I don’t feel that we trust them just because they’re non-physical. It’s just that I feel about what they, AH and Bashar, say, like AH once said – that they just remind us of what we so feel knowing deep deep inside. I never met any physical teacher in whose energy I would feel such purity of the message: they all mix the Godly insights with very human limitations. That’s why it’s so hard for me to read Osho, for example: I feel such a mix in the energy of what he is saying, that I can’t just relax into his message, taking it all in, swimming in this truth, feeling it with all my essence, as I’m doing with what AH say. Maybe I could say that in AH’s energy I feel pure Source :)), – so they both say, that the same energy we feel as fear, we could feel as excitement, it’s just some wrong belief that distorts it.

So I was asking myself again and again, what was it? what was so wrong in what I was thinking? I felt torn: if they find that place, I can calm down, but if they don’t, I will need to go out, and what if I don’t find anything, how do I live, what do I do…

And suddenly it hit me, or better said, opened to me: I realized, that no matter what the physical circumstances were going to be, what mattered to me was my *experience* in all it. And my experience would only be defined by my vibration.

Meaning, I am a full believer, that the physical circumstances bring us exactly the feelings defined by our vibration on that subject. AH say it when they explain, how someone who wants to live in mountains, can live together with someone who wants to live on a beach, and they both would get what they want.

Bashar says, “physical circumstances are illusionary, it’s your experience that is real”.

And what I realized, was so ground-breaking.. no, ground-giving :) for me, it utterly freed me: no matter, how the physical circumstances turn to look, what I feel will still be the same, it will be defined by my vibration purely. And what can I do to improve what it will be? I can improve my vibration, but that is the path any way.

I could, of course, ratchet it a little bit more: I could say, I’m going to improve my vibration not in order to improve my experience in what’s coming, but to merely improve how I feel now, in the moment: I’m going to find the way I feel NOW the best, and when I’m thinking about my future, I am going to feel the best NOW when imagining a good future for me. Etc. But the most job was done: I felt the tension going off me. I was flowing in this relief, not needing to be dependent on what’s coming. Just improving my vibration anyway……..

And then on my work it suddenly all got together, they opened a position (!) especially for me in some department that was still in a good place financially, they raised my salary almost in third! and it was a very easy job, too. So I was going around in amazement.. :) Feeling I’m not really deserving it, “bigger money should come through hard work!” But that’s a whole new story. And glimpses of it I was feeling: how bigger money comes with the easiness, as AH say “through the crack of least resistance”, through relief, with ease..

Now I’m going around pondering a phrase that a millionaire said to me: “When one can feel abundance, it flows rapidly.”

The process never stops, does it?.. :)

Delicious pieces from AH LIVE on Aug 28

* faith in the unseen means that what is wanted, is certain

* you will hold the knowing that your Source holds

* when you’re able to alter your perception, then the manifestation follows suit with that perception

* look around your world and find things that are pleasing to you, but don’t get too hung up into what is, or it will bind you and not allow the change that you want

* art of allowing the full view, art of allowing your full power, art of allowing your emotion to improve before the manifestation gives you the justification for it – that’s what deliberate creation is at its best

* it’s finding the feeling place before your neighbors can witness it :)

* and understanding that finding the feeling place IS the evidence that you’re looking for

* when you’re not in the Vortex, don’t be so vividly what you’re being! you’re wanting to become more general about it. The more general you are, the less resistance there is.

* be general when you creation is crappy. When it’s pleasing, be specific