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Emotional ladder

In the group I’m now leading, The Pleasure and Art of Feeling Healthy & Beautiful
(you’re welcome to join us! :))
every day I’m adding a new activity to engage in, to practice our preferences in our health and beauty.

Today’s Activity is about one of my very basic techniques, on which all my focus delights are built. I so enjoyed writing it, it was just flowing.. :)

Here it is:

Today’s activity is challenging, interesting, relieving.. and unusual. :)

First I want to ask you:
Do you feel, that emotional pain represents a stream of energy, that contains joy that we can ..unlock from there? And the more intensive the pain is (or shame, or fear), the more intensive the joy will be that we’ll let out from that stream?

If you said “yes” :) I encourage you to take today a place that is most challenging for you regarding your health and (can be exercised separately, too) beauty. The more reward it will give you both immediately and in the long run.

If you feel it’s just too stiff, then take something less intensive, try on that and then if you wish, come back to those most challenging issues. The most joy awaits there, in the form of relief.

What trips us up the most in our vibrational journey, is the criterion we choose for thinking a thought: usually it is “if it’s true”. And we know that that path is doomed: “true” is something that already “is”, if we always state what “is”, we will never shift to anything new.

So now we will try to shift to a new criterion “if it feels better” and really feel it!

Now take that something in your health or beauty, that you can, looking at it with your “normal people honesty and objectiveness”, not covering any unpleasant feelings, call “not wanted”.

Probably your set-point about it will be “it’s bad” (that you have that).

If it is a higher set-point, then later in the ladder you may choose a higher statement that more suits you.

Now take a statement “maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad”.

The criterion that we have ingrained, “if it’s true”, will start to look for “the true estimate” – is it really bad or really not that bad?

But you want to listen to something else.

Take again that thought “It’s bad”. Notice, how it *feels*.

Then move to “maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad” and notice how IT *feels*.

Then switch again back and forth, back and forth, until you feel, that there’re actually are two components:

one – the physical “fact” you have in your focus,

and two – how the way you think about it, matters to you!

If you don’t feel it yet, and just feel some resistance when trying “maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad”, then you just haven’t felt it yet, continue to switch back and forth, and feel how on the ESTIMATION “it’s bad” something contracts in you, and on “maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad” – it expands. Feel the breath of fresh air you have on “maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad”.

Can you really feel it?

When you do find the difference, try to switch several more times, the difference will become more and more clear. And then, when you’re switching to “maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad”, breathe in (lightly!) the light, the relief, that you feel there.

Enjoy this freed energy, this burst of good feeling. Breathe it in. Feel how it now takes all your attention, how you’re drawn to it, how you stop caring what “really” is there, you just love this feeling and it takes you all…..

Do you feel it?

When you feel you’ve ..kind of satisfied with this celebration and eager to move forward, then take the next pair of statements:

“maybe it’s not THAT, AWFULLY bad”
“what if it contains not only bad, but also good for me?”

Remember, we’re never trying to affirm! Never trying to force ourselves into taking the next statement, never! Otherwise we do not truly shift, something inside us stays where we were, we just “cover it with the smile stick”.

Only honest comparing of the feeling inside that we get from one estimation and from the next. The first, the next, the first, the next. Back and forth. Until we again feel the difference and it grows within us, and we start enjoying it, breathing it in, tending to it “no matter what”, until it takes us all.

Then when you’re satisfied with the celebration and eager to continue, play with the next statements:

“what if it contains not only bad, but also good for me?”
“what if the good it contains, is more valuable and important for me, than the bad?”
“what if the good it contains, is valuable and important for me?”
“what if it’s not just good for me, but wonderful?”
“it’s wonderful for me”

Do not just go through the ladder, trying to compare all the sentences all together, because while you may choose what feels best for you, but you won’t really shift the set-point of the subject at hand.

Always take and compare just two consecutive statements. And again, no affirming! Just honest comparison of the feelings.

Are you up to it? :)

You know, you don’t have to go through the whole ladder. Listen to your Inner Guidance.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, what we were doing in this technique – we were listening to our Inner Guidance.

We were training ourselves to return to that innate knowing we had when we came here, to listen to our Inner Guidance, not to some outer criteria. So now in some sense, we’re more aligned than ever.

Can you feel that? :)

..After that exercise my recommendation is – don’t touch this subject for some time. Because we shifted vibration deep enough, it will bring us new thoughts about this subject. Then we may want to observe and record them. Until then – just breathing in the new energy lets us milk it where we came to, and fills the space that was earlier filled with old thoughts, given by the old vibration. Now you see things differently, but go eeeeeeeeasily about it. :)

Ease and flow. :)