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For me to remember

(How did I fall into that trap again? :))

Every feeling of helplessness, disappointment, frustration, means, that I’m attempting to change the circumstances in order to feel better when they change!

Olgi, please please please remember it :) You will be so free when you remember it. So much happier. Please remember it, darling. :)

Answers-somewhere: going up from very low state

In my Russian blog, I have a tradition: when I reply somewhere to an interesting question, I then repost these answers to my blog, to share it with my blog readers, too.

I want to do it now, too: in a recent post in an open group in FB, it was asked:

“Hi everyone. I’d like some advice or ideas. A friend of mine has been going through a trying time because her husband has cancer. Now he’s announced that he’s giving up and she’s pretty sure he’s about to pass on. I want to do or get something nice for her but just not sure what? She’s very conscious and understands that we live on in the nonphysical, that all has purpose, how the Law of Attraction works, etc. but it still is obviously a very difficult time, especially because they have children not yet full grown.

(If you have any advice, send a message to Pollyanna Jitterbug Jones or reply in that post.)

I replied:

Actually, with this attitude he may get well as he’s determined not to try to change the physical circumstances.. For them both the attitude that can be taken – no matter what the circumstances will be, they want to feel the way they want to feel, so they both may want to do some playing in order to improve the way they feel about the situation.

That this situation actually is for them to stop being dependent in their feeling on the physical circumstances. As Bashar says “Circumstances don’t matter, only my state of being matters; what state of being do I prefer?”, it works like rebooting, it may be done several, many times a day, and then the exercises can be done to come and hold on to the state of being they prefer. You can send them to my coaching, I could work with them.

This is a very effective exercise, good especially for the low states, I did it to get out of severe panic, and in hours I got out to very sure and positive feeling. Of course, this didn’t move all at once, but when the panic came back, I did it again, and again. After a period of doing that I attracted a healer, that helped me greatly, and she said, if not this my work, no one would be able to help me out. This is the exercise: http://www.think-to-feel-better.com/blog/2010/12/twist-on-focus-wheeling-process/

I’ll say now a very important (for me) insight I had when making my way through (seemingly towards) some very frightening circumstances: “I don’t know what it will be, but I know that anyway I want to feel better. I also know that circumstances cannot prevent me from anything that is in my vibration. But I don’t know what vision to hold on to. But I do know that I want to feel good. So I’ll just turn to improving the way I feel now, finding just one thought at a time that makes me feel better now, because that’s the way anyway.”

Meaning, for her to hold on to the vision of her husband getting well – she may be afraid to do so, because she may be afraid, that if he dies anyway, it may put her down way harder. But if she just takes it to no matter, what it is, she just wants to feel better NOW, then one thought at a time she may improve the way she feels NOW, starting from below, not from the goals and visions. This I would anyway recommend. And for him – Guided Meditations CD by AH may soothe him – again, anyway, no matter what his decision is and no matter what he is going to.

Also, come in the Vortex to today’s AH workshop – you’ll get the answer straightly from Abraham. :)

What would you say?

Telling a New Story

Check this for telling a new story:

Here’s more about this event:

And also, ask Ewa Zender – she is participating in it LIVE now :)

If you’re not familiar with Bashar (he gives VERY powerful information), find clips on YouTube, and also here:
there’s a good summary of some of Bashar’s teachings.

To create your life along the path of the least resistance

Why it is so important and possible to follow your joy.

(“What do you believe…Bashar”: video)

Questions to ask ourselves regarding our work

from yesterday’s LIVE AH broadcast:

How much fun can I have at work?
How free can I feel?
How many others can I draw into this feeling on freedom?
How glad can I feel that I’m alive?
How good can the air smell as I’m at work?
How expansive can I be?
How connected to Source can I be?
How much of Source Energy will play this game?
How much of Source Energy will contemplate my combative partner(s)?
How fully can I embrace these people in appreciation for newfound clarity that erupted as a result of what I thought was a problem that turns out to be the tip of another iceberg that I’m ETERNALLY CRAVING?
How awesome is that?!!

Delicious pieces from AH LIVE Aug 20

* self-inflicted interpretation of a manifestation
* a vibrational version of you that is your guiding light
* even the mood they’re in when you talk to them – Law of Attraction is in charge for all of this
* the real question is – which point of attraction my Law of Attraction responds to – what vibrational place I practiced the most
* your fear is letting you know that your point of attraction is not including what you want! (OMG)
* the question is not whether you find today your lover or not, the question is, whether you can feel his existence today, now
* you’ve come to understand, that you’re seeking freedom from the bondage of resistance
* don’t put up with anything that doesn’t feel good to you
* ignore it – and you begin to move away from it
* the solution has been there long before you even perceived the problem
* the solution isn’t in probing the problem
* it isn’t easy to let go of that, and yet this is really what you have to do
* when we say “make peace with what is” we mean, “don’t fight against it”
* let yourself be independent of what is, otherwise it never can shift
* not just expansion – CONSCIOUS EXPANSION!
* you want to feel your empowerment, you want to feel your worthiness
* appreciate as much as it is pleasant, and in all other cases GO GENERAL
* expansion is what you crave
* it’s the feeling of creation you’re reaching for, not the subject of creation
* when you shift from achieving financially to achieving emotionally, then it shifts into a whole new place
* instead of “what went wrong?” ask “what went right?”
* the most important thing is for you to know that where they are is temporary, and that where they’re going, is real
* it’s alright where they’re standing because every journey needs a beginning point!
* why aren’t they moving? because there’s tension about what is
* intuitiveness.. let’s call it inTUNitiveness :) (love it!)
* we have to have an emotional recovery first
* “we’re gonna play a GO GENERAL game” (to the patient)
* to move, you have to be less specifically aware of where you are
* don’t try to figure out how you got there, just accept, that you are where you are
* my appreciation of all those beautiful things is such much more delicious when I’m aligned
* forgiveness is you releasing the resistance, it’s your alignment with who you are
* when you do the Vortex work, then the Vortex affects the manifestation

I feel so delicious in all this!!! :)

* when you act too soon, you often lose momentum
* it’s like pushing a noodle: it still hasn’t texture and form
* your fear that someone will snatch it, keeps you from aligning with it
* negative emotion means, I’m depriving myself from the potential joy of this moment
* let your goals be emotional – you can accomplish that today!
* if you can catch the feeling of it, then it will begin reveal itself to you
* it s as solid as you make it be
* “trying to avoid it” – feel the tension in that
* the mindset of most of human is you don’t play your way to success
* infinite amount that you would be guided to
* this is a forum, where we’re teaching you about the power of the Vortex
* that’s why many people are discouraged – because they’re efforting, bucking their own current
* to move in the direction of what’s calling you
* that’s what aligning with the fairies of the Universe is
* “I need to be infinitely aware of where I am, and I’ll just take my chances on where I’m going” – this is exactly like most of the people are living :)
* actively alive and vividly integrated
* we want you to come to a place where play and work feel the same, because it’s all focus
* what is the point of that – because it’s fun to find your way out
* there always is something that you want, in a situation that you’re looking at
* once you decide that you want something, there’s a way for you to achieve it
* there is pleasure to be experienced wherever you are, just because it would be your mindset
* the world is ready to understand, that it has a vibrational basis
* what is, is a really really, really good thing, because it got you started on a journey that will be really satisfying

I’ll be posting more as I listen to the replays :)

Here’s the schedule, where you can keep an eye for the next broadcast:

Physics of intention

I heard it in that workshop and was amazed by the power of these words. Now I found it on YouTube:

(“Bashar – “The Physics of Intention” – November 21, 2010″: video)

“Mind your own business.

..And your only business is — your relationship with who you really are.” — Abraham-Hicks

What really is important to you…

(“Abraham Hicks – Let yourself off the hook”: video)

really eye-opening…

Interesting experience + my personal miracle

A friend offered me this play, when we were sitting in a cafe: he would ask me questions and I was offered to write down the answers, not thinking too much, just taking what raises in me immediately as the answer. I didn’t know what the questions would be. :)

Then the questions started: “1. Who are you?” I said “Me”. :)

“2. Who are you?”, “3. Who are you?”, …, “10. Who are you?”

It was so interesting: I got the game, but with every question the answers were different. I don’t remember them all, I remember that the 5th or the 6th was “I can be different,” the 9th was “I am a tool, an instrument, of God,” and the 10th was “I am God’s fingers, His taste of life, His color of life, His happiness, manifestation of His intentions.”

And here the miracle happened: all the time that we were speaking, some music played there in the cafe, but I didn’t hear it, I was so into the play. But with the last words of the 10th answer, I suddenly heard the music, and what music it was!! It was singing:

“You are my happiness,
That’s what you are.”

I was shocked :) It sounded to me as if God was singing it to me, while I was writing that answer. Here’s this song:

(“You are my destiny – Paul Anka”: video)

“You are my dream come true
That’s what you are.”

“You are my destiny
You share my reverie
You’re more than life to me
That’s what you are.”

It’s good to be God’s happiness. :)

Remembering it, I prepared a play for you on YouTube:

(“Who Are You – 10 questions + Abraham-Hicks’s take on it”: video)

I found that it really feels good, to ask myself this question. As I said in the video, it seems that it belongs to the “General Positive” part (in “Specific Negative”, “General Negative”, “General Positive”, “Specific Positive” that Abraham teaches in the latest workshops).

..so, who are you? :)