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Allowing Money

My every day now seems to be about new stories. :) I did my 3-column-process:
(this way it just seems to be the most effective for me) on money, and what I came to today, was this focus wheel, becoming a rampage. It’s a lot of things that I would as if “know”, but here it was a process of finding them from inside, as a feeling.. I’ll be glad if it gives you something, too.

“I realize, that I feel like what I want the most (to sit home and just be doing what I want to be doing, doing all things this way, on inspiration, coming from inside), can’t be supported by the resources of my current reality.

It brings words as “not from where”, as if everything is stating, that what I “want” – not as important as what the authorities count as earned by me, deserved by me.

I don’t see a physical criteria (well, almost), by which I “would have a right to” to be provided.

What if I could live better and feel peaceful? What if I could get it “just because” I want it?

There’re people, for whom it happens.

What if my wanting is somehow, anyhow, noble and deserving consideration?

What if I’m worthy?

It looks like I’ve been approaching it from a wrong side: trying to find, how I can justify in my world me getting money, because my desire didn’t seem deserving, valid enough.

What if my desires are valid?

What if I indeed may get something just because I have a vibrational alignment with it?

What if I don’t need to earn it? What if my desire is enough for me to get it?
(It gives me relief => right direction :))

What if I shouldn’t *seek* it? I should just acknowledge my desire and align with it, and standing here in alignment, I’m getting it?

It’s not “going somewhere to get it”, not seeking it, not looking for it. It’s here, it comes to me here, where I stand in alignment with my Source that wants it for me. That IS it for me.

My Source IS my Well-Being. I AM my Well-Being. I shouldn’t just deny it to myself, seeking to find it from outer sources.

I AM abundance in this world. I AM.

I can freely share from myself.

What if for me it can succeed, too – that I could be abundant and flourishing and easy and doing what I want, when I Want and the way I want!

Wow.. So the Inner Being I’m connecting to, IS all this and more..”