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Delicious pieces from AH LIVE Sep 3

  • a burning question means, expansion is on the way.
    A burning question means, a part of me has gone to a place
    that the rest of me is to take the journey to.
    A burning question is equivalent to having a vacation planned
    that you’re now going to take
    Isn’t it?
    Something I have evolved to,
    and I’m going to enjoy catching up with.

  • we can’t come to those powerful conclusions we are,
    if you weren’t all seeking the answers to those (!!) :)

  • all along this emotional scale are set-points, that you establish,
    so there’s a lot of meaty life experiences
    that come in this incremental improvement
    in the releasing of resistance.

    It’s like being a connoisseur of vibration:
    there’re some people that really know wine: there’s red and there’s white,
    there’s kind of comes in a box, and there’s kind of comes in a really big jag.
    But you don’t call them connoisseurs.

    And then there’re those, who has a really sophisticated palette,
    who know where the grapes were grown,
    and what they were blended with, and how long they’ve been aged..

    Their pleasure is significantly greater in its refinement.
    So we want you to start looking for the refined woosh.

  • if the responsibility that you’re trying to accomplish,
    would be to discover and practice, until it is chronic,
    the resonance between you and your Inner Being only,
    and you would not therefore be trying to seek resonance with others,
    it would be a really happy world,
    or even if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t know it,
    because your world would be happy

  • (to a Mom about her child)
    do you want his good feeling to come about
    because of his alignment with who he really is,
    or because of the approval that others are offering him
    because of his learned behaviour?

  • you want your children to behave,
    you don’t want them to embarrass you,
    and you also don’t want them to embarrass themselves;
    but in that well-meaning context,
    if you for a moment imply, that his behaviour
    should be contingent upon someone outside of his Inner Being’s response to him,
    then you have begun the desensitizing process,
    the process of helping him to forget, who he really is

  • ..who is not freaking out
    about the toylessness of his friend

    (this is for those who know AH’s teachings from inside,
    otherwise it can be severely misunderstood)

  • does Source not look,
    or does Source look and not freaking out?     (delicious!)

  • teach your child to share the wholeness of him,
    teach your child to share his happiness

  • there’re a lot of people now talking about Law of Attraction.
    But until you’re understanding that what you’re wanting to attract
    is a manifestation that pleases you,
    and that the manifestation is the emotion,
    over which you have complete control,
    then you’re still looking around and expecting others
    to do things differently so that you can feel better,
    which renders you powerless
    , moment after moment,
    day after day, relationship after relationship,

    because they’re the center of their universe, not yours!
    So you’re looking for love in all the wrong places.

    Any time you say or mean or feel about anyone:
    “You need to do something differently,
    so that I can have a better-feeling response,”
    you render yourself powerless, because as much as they love you,
    and many of them do,
    they don’t have the power
    to get into the center of your universe
    and be your center. You’ve got to do it.

    And when you begin doing it, then demonstration, –
    demonstration, manifestation, same word, –
    all around you.

  • if you’ll get generally negative, that’ll make you feel better.
    if you’ll make general statements:
    “oh well, life just sucks”
    “well, this is the way those people are”
    “this isn’t my first encounter with something like that”
    in the generality of it you begin to ease up,
    when the specifics keep you negatively focused.

    And from the general feeling of negative emotion
    you can move to general feeling of a positive emotion pretty easily:
    “well, I don’t have to think about this now”
    “things always get better for me”
    “there’re a lot of things that are working”
    “I don’t know why I make such a big deal over that”

    But as you move from a general place of well-being
    into a more specific place of well-being,
    what happens is:
    every subject has vibrational frequencies
    that are on the opposite ends:
    when you really-really want something,
    there’s a really-really not wanting at the other end of it
    and so sometimes, without meaning to,
    as you try to be more specific about what you do want,
    you activate where you really are at the other end of it

    That’s why we say:
    go general, go general, go general,
    and pretty soon you will diffuse the vibration of it enough
    that it just won’t come up for you any more.

  • we want wherever you are along the emotional scale
    from despair all the way to where you ultimately want to be
    to be alright, because
    there is no end to the ecstasy
    (and that’s not even a big enough word)
    to what you have the potential of becoming
    because it’s gonna keep being more,
    and keep being more, and keep being more
    you’re never gonna stop being at the beginning of your journey!
    It’s time to make peace with it, wherever it is.

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