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An emotional ladder on.. pretty much everything :)

“I feel fearful, why?

I’m afraid things won’t go my way, why?

Because I have a belief, that “this is just not how things work”, and so it is hard for me to believe, that things will go as I want them to go this time, because it’s not a usual way. (It’s not that things don’t work specifically for me, it’s that there’s a certain way things tend to go – objectively).

But what if “the way things work” is different on different levels on my vibration?

And what if they can go accordingly to my preferences now, when I myself gave them (the preferences) more value?

What if I could experience more things opening to me, more opportunities than “normally are”, more things going to my pleasure?

I think it could be quite logical.

I love this life. :)

And I love myself. So smart……….amazing!” :))

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