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Trusting your life

Connecting the dots:

“So really what we’re asking you to do, and it’s an annoying word, but it has such powerful resonance at the very core of your being, is to trust the process. To trust your Inner Being. To trust that where you are is fine. To acknowledge there is no wrong doing on your part. That there’s no misunderstanding or no misapplication of a process. There is no recovery from something that is amiss. There’s just you, in this moment, harmonizing with the resonating blending with the Energy of Who You Are. Softly acknowledging that it’s a big capacity. And in acknowledging that big capacity of this Energy, being pleased with where you are touching it and what it is achieving.

Here’s a way you could look at it that would be very pleasing to us: Standing, like your Inner Being, in your Vortex, utterly knowing the Well Being of you and knowing it so powerfully and you being so close in the vicinity of it that you can’t not know it. In other words, we know it so much that you just got to know it. And if you don’t know it, it’s coz you’re overthinking it. We just want you to know you’re close enough. You’re close enough. In other words, easy does it. Close enough and trust that Source within you. The Source within you, this Vortex, has got you. It’s got your back. It’s got your front. It’s got your past. It’s got your present. It’s got your future. It IS you. In other words, it’s real-time, vibrational. It knows all of the manifestations that are coming. It knows every step along the way. It could lay it all out for you brilliantly. It knows every rendezvous that you’ll have with every single person. It knows where you’ve been. It knows where you’re going. It knows Who You Are. It knows what you want. It knows where you are in relationship to what you want. It know that path of least resistance to get you to where you want to be. It knows all of those things. The Source within you knows all of those things. And because you can’t just hear it all spelled out this red hot minute, you choose to think that you ought to be doing something different than what you’re doing and we want to tell you: what you are doing is enough. It’s enough. It’s all you can do, and it’s enough. It’s all you can do, and it’s enough. Trust the process, it will just keep evolving.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

(“Bashar – How to get there”: video)

one of my favorite Bashar’s clips.. “Everyone goes to heaven.” :)

“If you focus upon something negative it does not necessarily mean that the negative aspect will become ever stronger / ’more negative’. It means the negative aspect will develop towards its own healing / integration: however it is the nature of life that what we perceive to be negative increases towards this point of resolution. This is because to integrate / resolve anything we must first come to understand it, which is achieved through exploring it – through diving into it.

The key point to understand in this is that something becoming worse in the moment can be the best path towards it becoming better in the long term. Through this understanding it is possible to begin to deprogram yourself from the socialized reaction that leads us to go to a place of fear the moment anything seems to be going wrong. Often people ask for a positive change in their life and as soon as it starts unfolding they put the brake on as the face of what is being moved towards initially appears negative. To release this reaction is the process of coming to trust in the unfolding of your own life.” ~ Story Waters

“To control is to be blind to the beauty of unfolding” ~ Story Waters