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A very simple, yet VERY powerful tool

Recent AH saying “it’s the emotional manifestation to go for”, goes so well with Bashar’s
“Circumstances don’t matter.
Only my state of being matters.
What state of being do I prefer?”

Two clips for you to refresh the message:

(“Abraham Hicks – Emotion is the Manifestation”: video)

(“Bashar – Circumstances Don’t Matter Only State of Being Matters”: video)

So the tool is very simple yet very, very powerful: to take a walk, and on the walk continuously ask yourself, out loud!:

“Circumstances don’t matter.
Only my state of being matters.
What state of being do I prefer?”

allowing your mind to go to all kind of subjects in your life, let it flow, but continuously ask yourself that question, out loud, and feel the “reboot” happening inside when you reply with the feeling – of the state of being that you prefer.

Appreciating the things you have – does this recommendation annoy you sometimes?

Do you feel guilty about not being grateful for what you’ve got? Ease up upon yourself, this is pretty much logical!

AH say, if you can easily appreciate, appreciate. But if you can’t, don’t force it upon yourself (and don’t feel guilty), just go general :)

I remember that it was always a tough task for me, to look for pleasing things when I wasn’t in the mode, it was annoying to turn into the direction of even looking for a pleasing thing. And I didn’t understand why and either tried to force it (rarely), or just gave up on the idea, trying to feel better in some other ways.

But I didn’t understand, why it is so bad for me. And then AH in one of their recent LIVEs explained, that when we’re trying to become too specific (positively!) on a subject we’re on a low vibe about, then the opposite and of it is activated, since it’s our most active vibration, and we raise all the resistance on the topic. While if we go general in such a case, we don’t activate that low end, and then we can go to generally positive more and more until we diffuse the resistance enough that the pleasing things start to jump into our sight by themselves, and then appreciating them becomes easy. :)

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