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One of the best pieces, ever :)

(“Abraham-Hicks – Magic Wand, 1 of 2”: video)

(“Abraham-Hicks – Magic Wand, 2 of 2”: video)

An absolutely amazing segment. For me it’s an entire workshop in itself: it addresses a complete cycle in deliberate creation, so many clarifying moments:

* why do we want to do it;
* doing it for ourselves instead of doing it to fix something in others;
* not trying to acquire a better feeling thanks to some physical actions, but purely by a vibrational work;
* moving to a better feeling not thinking of possible physical actions that can be taken to achieve the “goal” of fixing the reality so that we look at it and feel better;
* moving to a better feeling thought by focusing on emotions;
* making it all about ourselves and our better feeling;
* when a physical manifestation comes, not becoming dependent on this physical event, still tending to the vibration,