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A twist on Focus Wheeling, that helps me A LOT! :)

Hi all,

I want to share with you the way I’m doing focus wheel-ing, Positive Aspects and finding-the-Vortex-feeling, all at once.

It started with me wanting to find a more effective, easy, pleasant way to do the focus wheels. And oh do I love this new way :)

I take a paper and put it landscape-like. Then divide it to three columns:
Focus wheel: (the left one)
What’s good now: (the middle one) and
In the Vortex: (the right one).

Then I start filling it, in whatever column feels easier now. For example, on health, in the left column I write line after line, what I would write in the “real”, cirlcled, focus wheel. In the middle I write all that is good in my life now, it doesn’t have to be on health!

Sometimes, it’s much easier to start in this middle column, writing all kinds of good things in my life, not related to health at all – sometimes, when I’m really down, I just start to write all I see around me – grass green, trees beautiful, I’m going in a transport I love the speed of, etc. And at some point, “a tipping point” :)), I suddenly feel some relief with a thought on health, that I can write to the left column (the Focus Wheel).

To the right column (In the Vortex), after listening the Guided Meditations CD, I add “(what I’m supposed to satisfy)” :) meaning, “you’re supposed to satisfy your dreams” :))

And I write there all how I feel and what’s in the Vortex on my subject of health: “I feel healthy, sure, confident both in my now and my future. I feel vibrant, I feel so much energy, I’m walking uphill and feel so thrilled by my body’s ease in it. I feel calm and sure. All my body’s experiences bring me joyful thoughts. I love me, we’re in harmony – me and my body. I’m free to decide what to do. I’m acting on my inspiration. I’m absolutely healthy and I know it.”

Sometimes, when I’m doing these tables day by day on the same subject of health, I feel “nu, why to write again the same things in The Vortex column”, but then I remember how many times I’m thinking “bad” thoughts during the day, and write again the same with much more desire. :)

I just found that it’s so easier for me, to do it this way. In the end, I’m just looking for, finishing every column – so that they all be filled.

Other things that I sometimes do during filling the focus wheel, it eases a lot:

* breathing deeply;
* giving myself Reiki;
* reading over what’s in The Vortex circle or column;
* asking myself “Do I choose to be unhappy or happy now?”
* deciding “I’m NOT going to try to fix the situation now, I’m going to enjoy it TO THE FULLEST!”
* asking myself “Do I attempt to improve the situation now in order for me to look at it improved and feel better? There is a simpler way”

And which twists on Focus Wheeling do you have? Please share!!

Love to you all!!!!

P.S. Here’s an example of the table I did on my health today, to illustrate:

The twist on the Focus-Wheeling process
Focus wheel: What’s good in my now: In the Vortex
(what’s I’m supposed to satisfy :))
4. Maybe it’s not all that bad, maybe I’ll even find something good there.
5. Well even if the diagnose me with what I don’t want, I’ll get the money and will be able to sit home and write my books and do all the exercises I want
6. I don’t have to have the money only this way, I can get them some other way, too.
8. Well, maybe all this got to me on purpose, for me to get some good stuff from all this
13. Well maybe I really can let my body to catch up to my thoughts and feelings. What if my relief will indeed leak through and manifest in my body conditions! Oh that would be so good!
14. What if it can be?
15. What if I’m more worthy of living good life than I think I am?
16. What if my life indeed can be what  would want it to be? What if it can be better?
17. What if I really could get healthy again, no matter what’s happening now and what will happen in whatever conversations with whichever people? What if they can’t do any bad to me? What if I can be on top of this situation anyway? What if I can feel better no matter what’s happening?
18. I remember the nights when from the horror and fear I brought myself to feeling good. Maybe whatever happens now, I will still be able to bring myself to be feeling good? Maybe I will even able to do it today? What if I will not need to drag  over in the frustration for several days? What if it ALL is up to me? What if I’m not that weak as not to be able to improve my feeling today?
19. What if it will not be that bad? What if there will even be there something good?
20. Even though I hate the doctors, but what if I could improve my feelings towards them? What if they just don’t understand (just CAN’T get) this whole issue of vibrations? What if all they ever saw was physical? What if they don’t mean any bad? What if in their care for me I can find something good?
21. I feel more powerful now. I feel a relief. I feel how AH say, "confidence comes not from experience, but from alignment".
22. Well what if all this won’t be that bad? What if it doesn’t have to? What if there will  EVEN BE  SOME  GOOD NEWS FOR ME? What if I don’t have to worry anyway? I know that I’m in very good hands of my Inner Being and my Source, and it’s on my side.
26. What if I could get better, feel better, so that all this becomes a non-issue?
30. What if I could indeed feel much much better, so that all of this becomes a non-issue, and not just non-issue, but I will be proud of myself for doing all this work? I am feeling proud of myself now. I feel much more powerful now, and aligned, together with Who I Really Am, and isn’t it the sweetest feeling!
32. What if life indeed brings us all we need and want? What if I could just wait a little and see it even more physical? Oh I could wait in such a wonderful mood! ..What if the doctors could indeed give me a slack  and let me have it my way? What if?.. Or, what if I could have it more confident, so that they wouldn’t be affecting me that much? Yeah, I think I could do it, I could improve my confidence a little, so that I could feel even a little bit more sure, so that I could feel good, independently.
40. What if I could feel a little more joyful even now?
59. What if time comes, when I see it all as an amazing, fantastic journey, that brought me so much?
64. What if I could (and CAN) be aligned in any other’s presence? Wouldn’t that be wonderful! I’m willing to learn it. I feel that through it comes a great power.
65. Wo-hoo! I thought this situation came to make me feel frustrated, but actually I’m gaining my joy and power this way!! Ain’t I good! Ain’t all this good! Wow! I’m much willing now to go there :)
84. What if health IS indeed natural for me? What if what now my body does, is just restores its NATURAL health, while I’m having fun, basking in these good feelings? Wow, I am willing to do it more! It feels so so nice :)
115. What if I could feel a little more willing to let them behave the way they want to behave? What if it would give both of us the freedom to be whatever we want to be?
126. What if something VERY good will come out of this?
 1. I’m at home, it’s warm and nice here
2. Me and my daughter, we made it to the school today on time
3. I’m sitting here now at my table, and I love this little netbook, it’s so so good!
7. I feel relief now regarding the money, and I’m so glad I have these AH Meditations, they came exactly when it was the best for me!
23. I love it that I know all these processes
24. I love it that I can bring myself to feeling better
25. I so love all these rampages by AH, I am so appreciating to all they give us, to the rampage I’m listening to right now!
27. People all over the world feel better using their energy
28. I at least know all these processes, so I know what to do. I’m better than I could be.
29. Much better.
31. On my table there’re so many good things, both mine and my daughter’s! Even though it looks like a mess a little, but it’s a lovely mess, and I suddenly pay attention, that this mess is actually consisting of all kinds of good things! I’m so appreciative that they come to our lives!
33. I so love it when I’m in alignment, and how good all things feel!
34. I love this wonderful life "feature", that with alignments really come good things around us. Around me, too. :)
35. I love it that even when I feel unworthy, these AH processes obviously work for me and I am able to feel better
36. I love it that people help each other
37. I love it that even my doctors, they are actually trying to help, in the way they think of it.
38. On the street it’s more sunny now!!
39. I so love it when especially after rain, suddenly the sun comes, and it’s so beautiful, and so joyful!
41. I have all these processes
42. I have a way to feel better
43. My daughter has these little scissors, and they seems to be quite strong, They have a beautiful color combination.
44. I wouldn’t use such a combination, but now I suddenly think that I’m glad, that some people love it, and that we can all co-exist in this world in our diversity.
60. My daughter is in school now, and I’m glad she’s learning good
61. She is a very good girl, I love her
62. She is so good to me, I love our agreement
63. I love it that we manage to be aligned in each other’s presence
66. These doctors are quite nice people, usually
67. The cups on this table are quite nice
68. I’m glad we have these cups
69. I remember how my then-friend said, how great I am to find such nice cups
70. I’m glad we shared these great memories
71. Maybe all this once will be a good memory, too. After all, it is a way for me to see, what is on the other side of my fear
72. How I could enjoy the situation? I could be proud of myself, and love myself
85. Usually my body feels good
86. I have so many body parts, actually, almost all of it, that is good
87. These processes feel good
88. I have all these books and CDs by AH
89. Now I found this forum I’m going to use more
90. I feel so good, such a relief for finding more people like me, more people that practice what AH teach. And on them I see that it works. I notice things I tend to take as is with me. I feel their power they acquire through these processes
91. I ‘m glad we all can enrich each other in such an inspiring way
92. I’m glad there’re people that do me good immediately :) That I can just observe as is and get the goods immediately :)
93. My table is white, it’s a beautiful color
94. I like the style of the furniture in this apartment
95. It’s a good apartment, nice, beautiful, full of light and space
96. I feel much better now
97. I feel special, and I’m proud of myself for the power I feel, and I’m glad to feel it. :)
116. I’m glad it’s sunny outside now, and it will be nice when I will be walking.
127. I’m willing to see.
 9. I’m healthy. I’m absolutely healthy.
10. I so love the people around me, they bring to me things I feel so good from.
11. I am able to act on my inspiration.
12. I’m glad to live. I love my life, it’s so exciting! I’m sure in my now and confident regarding my future. I can let my body and all the physical reality to catch up to my ideas, calmly and easily, we’re in harmony, my body and me and my world.
45. I’m healthy, I’m absolutely healthy.
46. I’m living my life the way I want it to be
47. I can easily co-exist with other people, who are living their life they way they want, and we feel good in our lives, each of us. We don’t need to convince each other in anything, we just live joyfully, each one of us, the way we want to live!
48. I feel good, I feel so good that I want to jump! to skip on one leg, then on the other! from joy!
49. My body feels strong and happy, I feel vigorous, vibrant, important, confident
50. I’m walking easily
51. I walk, run, lie, sit, make love, sleep, in any pose I want, and I feel ease and joy and comfort in any position I’m in
52. All my body sensations bring me joy
53. With all my body sensations I’m confident in my now and my future
54. I feel worthy of all the good things I’m getting
55. I feel wonderful! Amazed at all these good things, but it’s kind of usual for me to live the amazing life
56. I feel so happy. Like a little puppy
57. No, I feel like a human that if fully aligned to Who He Really Is!!
58. I feel fully fulfilled, and eager for more fantastic journey
73. I feel good, I feel worthy, I feel aligned
74. My physical body is just so wonderful! It’s so strong, and beautiful, and allows me to do whatever I want
75. I easily run up the stairs
76. I feel full of energy, I feel like energy itself
77. I feel frisky, I’m basking in my life and joys of the day
78. All the news bring me joy
79. I’m acting on my inspiration
80. I feel a nice person. I feel adoring myself and people around me
81. I feel loving me and people around me
82. I’m walking up the hill and I’m so glad with my body’s ability to do it, and on the other hand it’s kind of usual for me, I’m glad that my body IS like this
83. I feel that health IS natural for me
98. I feel empowered by all my life
99. I feel that I’m so glad for all I had in my past
100. I feel so appreciative of all the things I have in my present
101. I feel so so so eager for my future! I feel a happy-happy expectation of it, like childishly expecting Christmas!
102. I love me and my body, every part of it. I feel one with it. Together. I love myself so much. I’m proud of myself, and I love myself. In all I do, I see good things. I’m confident. I feel loved.
103. I feel so loved and loving, that I don’t need any power
104. I feel like the world is cooperating with me
105. I feel that my body loves me
106. I feel that all the physical world is responsive to my desires
107. I feel such an easiness to live
108. I feel that to get what I want is easy
109. I feel happy where I am
110. I feel so good. I feel exactly where I want to be
111. My body is so NICE
112. People are amazed at how good things are for me
113. I feel empowered, happy, easy, light, loving
114. I feel generous
117. I feel eager to walk in any weather
118. I feel such excitement with my body’s abilities!
119. I feel ease with my body
120. I feel nice, I feel loved
121. I feel that my body is providing me with such amazing abilities
122. I feel so loving to my body, I’m loving every part of it and am proud of every part of it, and I so love to take care of them!
123. All I do for my body, I’m glad I’m doing
124. All I ever think I should do, I feel inspired to do, I feel good for doing it
125. My life is so good, that others only amaze at it and bring me good things, good offers, good propositions.

the numbers – I put them in the order I filled the table. So you can see I how I jumped from column to column, filling it all. Also, you can see in it, that when I wrote something I didn’t REALLY feel good, when I went down with my mood, I started to just see what’s at my table etc., thus improving my mood again.

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