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Playing new game!

Abraham suggests new game:

The game is going through the alphabet, giving on each letter a good-feeling word (a Vortex feeling word).

I tried it in the evening, it felt really good! :) It also let me feel how sensitive I am to different words. Sometimes, when I couldn’t find immediately the best feeling word for the letter, I started with some word, and then worked my way up, comparing it to other words I thought of. But the feeling.. the feeling of it is so good. I like it. :)

Here’re some of my words:

a – allowing, alignment, abundant, appreciating, amusing, amazing
b – beautiful, bright, basking, being
c – caring, colorful
d – dreams, delicate
e – eager, enamored eyes :)
f – frisky
g – gorgeous
j – jumpy
i – in-love :)
k – knowing, kittenish
m – mighty, may, melody, mur-muring :)
n - nature, nirvana
o - omnipotent, orgasmic
p – powerful, pleasure
r – relief, romantic
s – simple, sweet, sunny, skipping, silly
x – Xmas

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