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Simple yet powerful technique

A VERY simple yet very effective technique I learned today from Thich Nhat Hanh:

breathe in and say (and mean it) “when I breathe in, I know I’m breathing in”
breathe out and say (and mean it) “when I’m breathing out, I know I’m breathing out”
then do some more breaths, but this time simply on breathing in say in your mind “breathe in”,
and on breathing out say in your mind “breathing out”.

That’s it, for me it’s soothing me like probably nothing else! I applied it today in a meditation, it was very good.

I once learned from someone a way to meditate as to say in my mind some mantra, I love it to be “Goddess”: to say it first loud, then in a whisper, and then in my mind to continue saying it, it focuses me in on this word only.

But when I tried it today, I realized, that the word “Goddess” still activates all kinds of vibrations, I guess some of them still contain some resistance, but “breathe in” and “breathe out” did not contain any resistance at all, and that is why it was so powerful.

Thich Nhat Hanh says, that in breathing like this, we connect the mind with the body. And I realized, that when I learned to just focus on my breath, then my mind was still not engaged and could come up with some other thoughts, but when I’m even saying these words, it focuses me closely on a resistance-free subject.

In short, I love it. :)

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