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Precious pieces

..from the latest Denver LIVE AH broadcast:

* a therapist is trying to find a repeatable process, in order to give it to her clients, for them to go well. While healthy happy clients are in her Vortex, and they’re just reflecting to her HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HER VORTEX.

So the path for her is not to find a repeatable process, not to fine-tune her process, etc., but to go to her Vortex, and her clients will reflect that to her.

Powerful, isn’t it?

If to think – the same goes for books, for business (!!), everything. To do things that feel good in order to feel good in the moment. And then the manifestation will reflect my relationship with the Vortex. Simple. :)

* “thank you for being you” – is the highest compliment

* when one regrets his deeds, he doesn’t let himself to align with what these deeds put into his Vortex.

“do you like the solutions? do you like them enough to be experiencing a problem? then you’re done.

when you’re in alignment with the solution, you never regret the problem.
and when you’re not in alignment with the solution, you always regret the problem.”

* “do you think it’s your job to uplift others?
but do you like the thought that such possibility exists?
do you like to uplift others?”

eases our way into the Vortex, which then puts us in contact with the people we uplift!

otherwise we enter a trap to be perfect in order to uplift others, to be an example

* way out (emotional ladder) from hurting someone:

“I did it, and it’s not that good, but it’s not that bad either”

* “I’m manifesting the best in you by discovering the best in me”

* “I’m no longer ever willing to tolerate my personal discord in hurting somebody else’s feelings,
and it is not because I don’t want to hurt your feelings,
it’s because I don’t want to hurt my feelings!”

* life is always working out not only for me, but for the people around me, too.

and so when we come together, we can just find out, what is it that we’re benefiting from, in this interaction. not to push things, not to force anything to happen, just see, where it is.

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