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Delicious pieces from AH LIVE Aug 20

* self-inflicted interpretation of a manifestation
* a vibrational version of you that is your guiding light
* even the mood they’re in when you talk to them – Law of Attraction is in charge for all of this
* the real question is – which point of attraction my Law of Attraction responds to – what vibrational place I practiced the most
* your fear is letting you know that your point of attraction is not including what you want! (OMG)
* the question is not whether you find today your lover or not, the question is, whether you can feel his existence today, now
* you’ve come to understand, that you’re seeking freedom from the bondage of resistance
* don’t put up with anything that doesn’t feel good to you
* ignore it – and you begin to move away from it
* the solution has been there long before you even perceived the problem
* the solution isn’t in probing the problem
* it isn’t easy to let go of that, and yet this is really what you have to do
* when we say “make peace with what is” we mean, “don’t fight against it”
* let yourself be independent of what is, otherwise it never can shift
* not just expansion – CONSCIOUS EXPANSION!
* you want to feel your empowerment, you want to feel your worthiness
* appreciate as much as it is pleasant, and in all other cases GO GENERAL
* expansion is what you crave
* it’s the feeling of creation you’re reaching for, not the subject of creation
* when you shift from achieving financially to achieving emotionally, then it shifts into a whole new place
* instead of “what went wrong?” ask “what went right?”
* the most important thing is for you to know that where they are is temporary, and that where they’re going, is real
* it’s alright where they’re standing because every journey needs a beginning point!
* why aren’t they moving? because there’s tension about what is
* intuitiveness.. let’s call it inTUNitiveness :) (love it!)
* we have to have an emotional recovery first
* “we’re gonna play a GO GENERAL game” (to the patient)
* to move, you have to be less specifically aware of where you are
* don’t try to figure out how you got there, just accept, that you are where you are
* my appreciation of all those beautiful things is such much more delicious when I’m aligned
* forgiveness is you releasing the resistance, it’s your alignment with who you are
* when you do the Vortex work, then the Vortex affects the manifestation

I feel so delicious in all this!!! :)

* when you act too soon, you often lose momentum
* it’s like pushing a noodle: it still hasn’t texture and form
* your fear that someone will snatch it, keeps you from aligning with it
* negative emotion means, I’m depriving myself from the potential joy of this moment
* let your goals be emotional – you can accomplish that today!
* if you can catch the feeling of it, then it will begin reveal itself to you
* it s as solid as you make it be
* “trying to avoid it” – feel the tension in that
* the mindset of most of human is you don’t play your way to success
* infinite amount that you would be guided to
* this is a forum, where we’re teaching you about the power of the Vortex
* that’s why many people are discouraged – because they’re efforting, bucking their own current
* to move in the direction of what’s calling you
* that’s what aligning with the fairies of the Universe is
* “I need to be infinitely aware of where I am, and I’ll just take my chances on where I’m going” – this is exactly like most of the people are living :)
* actively alive and vividly integrated
* we want you to come to a place where play and work feel the same, because it’s all focus
* what is the point of that – because it’s fun to find your way out
* there always is something that you want, in a situation that you’re looking at
* once you decide that you want something, there’s a way for you to achieve it
* there is pleasure to be experienced wherever you are, just because it would be your mindset
* the world is ready to understand, that it has a vibrational basis
* what is, is a really really, really good thing, because it got you started on a journey that will be really satisfying

I’ll be posting more as I listen to the replays :)

Here’s the schedule, where you can keep an eye for the next broadcast:

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