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Bashar: Blueprint for Change : A Message from Our Future

I’m reading it little by little, very heavy for me. It feels like on every sentence I experience .. an upgrade to another level of me. :)

“Do you know personally, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the being you desire to be, you are capable of being?

Yes, I know that.

All right. Then start using that certainty to your advantage. If you know you have the capability of imagining what you would like to be, understand, as we have said, that your ability to imagine what you would like to be is your ability to be that person, that version of you.

If you have the ability to conceive how you want to be, at the moment you conceive it, you are that person. But when you deny your imagination your reality and say, “Okay, I’ve imagined what I would like to be; now what do I have to see, what do I have to do, to become this idea?” you are placing all the steps in your way that it’s taking for you to get there.

Your ability to imagine that person is being that person — because if you weren’t of that vibration, you wouldn’t be able to picture it!

The events in your life can only be 100% reflective of the person you have decided you are. Allow yourself to recognize that your ability to even imagine there is another way to be, is being the other way.

All you need is a basic trust that at any given moment you have what you need; you know everything you need to know to be who you are being in that moment. As soon as you redefine who you are, you will know the things that person needs to know, regardless of what you’re seeing around you.

But these blocks within us — what are these blocks?

It is only your assumption that there is some mysterious “how” that needs to be known before you will act in the manner you desire.

You don’t have to wait for a reason to be happy in order to know you prefer to be happy. Create the effect of being happy, and you will attract into your lives all of the causes to support the happiness you have created … just because you want to. And just because you say so. Because you are the creators of your reality, there doesn’t need to be any other why or how. What you say goes!”

Busted :)

I just saw this:

“Most people will not go into the Vortex to feel better, but they’ll go into the Vortex to………….” — AH in LIVE event

and realized, yes, I’m doing it to achieve my goals allow my desires to manifest physically, to handle things. But usually not to improve my feeling right now, in this moment.

As many times, again, I’m promising myself – I am worth it! I will do it for feeling good now, in the moment! I will! :)

By the way, if to think about it.. it always works much better, when I’m doing it to improve my feeling in the moment. Because then it’s easier to think what feels better, “truth” doesn’t matter so much at that moment..

And still,.. I want to do it in order to have this pleasure of feeling better in the moment.